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Download Ajax Search Pro v4.19.4 - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin Nulled Free
4.19.4 - 2020.09.19

  • asp_load_js & asp_load_css hooks - allows turning off the JS and CSS asset loading programatically
  • Horizontal results - scrollbar can be disabled
  • Reset button now properly resets the input field
  • Oxygen builder compatibility - now the plugin detects the page builder editor, and when it's active, the plugin scripts are not loaded to preserve performance.
  • Polylang - Now the search redirection URL is correct, when the homepage URL is set to a static page
Download Ajax Search Pro v4.19.3 - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin Nulled Free
v4.19.3 - 2020.09.02

  • The search will scroll to the first "This field is required" section when it is not visible on the screen.
  • Reset button now correctly sets the default state of the checkbox filters (previously unchecked)
  • Statistics database keyword suggestions - now the correct number of suggestions are returned
Download Ajax Search Pro v4.19.2 - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin Nulled Free
4.19.2 - 2020.08.30

  • Elementor live search - Now can be logged as a pageview in the google analytics tracker.
  • Fixed an Issue with the statistics dashboard
  • Removes [embed] shortcodes and embed Gutenberg blocks from live results content
  • Custom field filter - {get_values checked} pseudo code working properly now
  • Custom field filter - drop-down filters AND logic now works if the values are stored in separate fields with the same field name
  • Updater - The "View info" and the "Changelog" links working now
Download Ajax Search Pro v4.19.1 - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin Nulled Free
4.19.1 (quickfix) - 2020.08.03

  • Duplication check and fix script now working correctly
  • Description missing from grouped results issue fix
Download Ajax Search Pro v4.19 - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin Nulled Free
4.19 - 2020-08.03

Option to display taxonomy term result descriptions Layout -> Results layout >> Results fields
Highlight search keyword on the result pageafter clicking on the result
Layout -> Results layout >> Results fieldsAdded separate fieldset for CPT, Terms, Attachment and User results
Advanced Title and Content fields -> Now all versions moved to the advanced options panel
Custom User resutls URLSuports nicknames as well
aspFilter->add method now supports adding a filter value to a specific position
Results page Live loader issue fixes
Fixed issues with the singleton class structures: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/feature-requests-177/#post-13145770
asp_show_more_url hook now applies on mobile as well
Elementor sticky menu issues fixed
WordPress 5.5 Compatibility tests
Security fix: Potential XSS issue fixed on the back-end
Security fix: Potential frontend SQL injection fixed
Download Ajax Search Pro v4.18.7 - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin Nulled Free
v4.18.7 - 2020-06.23

Options to include posts/pages/CPT by ID
  • WPML permalinks - now forced to get the correct one in very rare cases
  • JS - elementor live filter applies jetpackLazyImagesModule() to fix JetPack lazy loaded images

Download Ajax Search Pro v4.18.6 - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin Nulled Free
v4.18.6 - 2020.06.19

Autocomplete and keyword suggestion improvements when using post titles and taxonomy terms
Image Parser - Now tries to fetch from more image attributes, as well as div elements with thumbnail and other attributes
Polylang String Translations fixed
Hidden search box & Elementor filter conflict fixed, the results box no longer appears
Elementor product filter (displaying product categories) - now correctly only displays products and nothing else
Search statistics trigger & Elementor live search are working correctly now
Conditional CSS loader - Singular post types are now correctly excluded/included
Autocomplete fix, when response body is bloated with emtpy lines
Download Ajax Search Pro v4.18.5 - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin Nulled Free
2020.05.11 – v4.18.5

Elementor filters – Initialization method changed, because it caused issues with some other Elementor modules.
_price_html pseudo variable now working correctly on WPML and custom currency enabled
Import from lite – Importing colors and and typography fixes
User meta support in advanced title and content fields (__um_field)
Improved PDF content indexing method
Download Ajax Search Pro v4.18.4 - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin Nulled Free
2020.04.23 – 4.18.4 - Thanks To @NullMaster

Search instance names now support unicode an other languages (persian, chinese etc..)
Fixed an issue with the browser back (pop-state) button, and the search triggers
Grouping results: Now the “other” group does not display, when it is empty
Download Ajax Search Pro v4.18.3 - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin Nulled Free
2020.03.31 – v4.18.3

Switch for taxonomy term filters to exclude terms, which have no posts assigned to them (empty terms)
Select2 implementation – fixes with compact box layout, masonry layout and max-height added to the drop-down