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Ave - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme v2.7.1

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Download Ave v2.7.1 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
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Download Ave v2.7 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v2.7 - 25 September 2020

NEWwoo templates
NEWajax filter and pagination
NEWportfolio ajax loading
FIXEDtwitter share post issue
FIXEDissue with date format in blog sc
FIXEDvideo prevent scrolling in pagee blocks
FIXEDselected svg shape for row issue
FIXEDredux repeater issue
FIXEDslider revolution issue
FIXEDcarousel optimization issue
FIXEDpf hover 3d issue on safari
FIXEDfixed issue with multitext field redux
ENHANCEMENTwoo templates
ENHANCEMENTremoved styles for vc link parameter
ENHANCEMENTadded rel="nofollow" to social links
ENHANCEMENTslide on hover elements in tabs
UPDATEave core
Download Ave v2.6 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
06 August 2020

NEWwoo templates
NEWmodern style for single post in theme options
NEWoverlay link to classic style fancy box element
FIXEDinstagram issue
UPDATEave core
Download Ave v2.5 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v2.5 - 01 July 2020

NEWcolumns to the search result page
NEWoption to enable/disable beacon
NEWclassname to the custom menu element
NEWwhatsapp social icon
ENHANCEMENTmedia element functionality
ENHANCEMENTparticles hover and click events
ENHANCEMENTwoo styling select
ENHANCEMENTave core style functionality
FIXEDtabs navigation issue
FIXEDhide row issue
FIXEDflipbox issue on safari
FIXEDpage blocks issue on chrome
UPDATEave core
Download Ave v2.4.0 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v2.4 - 01 May 2020

NEWwordpress customizer
NEWajax add to cart single product option
ENHANCEMENTwoo template improvements
ENHANCEMENTgoogle fonts
ENHANCEMENTlocal scroll
ENHANCEMENTslideshow background
ENHANCEMENTtext rotator
ENHANCEMENTfrontend editor
ENHANCEMENTback to top
ENHANCEMENTimage sizes
ENHANCEMENTcustom icons
FIXEDsquare-2 blog element
FIXEDredux extensions
FIXEDlocal video bg issue on safari
FIXEDave form inputs conflicts
FIXEDhidden rows in page block
UPDATEave core
Download Ave v2.3.0 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
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Download Ave v2.2.1 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
27 January 2020

ENHANCEMENTlocal scroll
ENHANCEMENTcomments section
FIXEDissue with responsive hide row js
FIXEDyoutube video background size
UPDATEsnap error on chrome
Download Ave v2.2 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
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Download Ave v2.1 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Download Ave v2.0 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v2.0 - 6 November 2019

NEW concept shop prebuilt website
NEW minimal shop prebuilt website
NEW retail store prebuilt website
NEW contemporary shop prebuilt website
NEWproduct styles
NEWquickview functionality
NEWoffcanvas cart functionality
NEWcarousel for woo products on shop page
NEWproduct compare functionality
NEWsecondary hover image for woo product
NEWoptions to newsletter element
NEWoption for font weight for header cart and search modules
NEWsupport element template in theme child
NEWoverlay link to the blog featured
NEWteam member overlay image
NEWoptions for team member element
NEWoverlay link to woo products
NEWcolumns video options
NEWtarget animation for fancy heading element
NEWresponsive parameter and option to hide row
NEWcustom preset to inner columns
NEWcolumns animation to the inner row
NEWshowcase element
NEWrow separator style
NEWlocalscrollspeed to js liquidparams
NEWnavigation to the carousel gallery element
NEWbutton style to instagram element
NEWwoo option to disable order by field
NEWproduct image navigation styles
NEWoption to show/hide caption for instagram element
NEWlatest post styles to theme option
NEWwishlist button to single product
NEWwoo ajax functions
NEWempty cart page styles
NEWstyles to related products
NEWvideo lazy load to portfolio listing
NEWnew blog style element
NEWbackgroud for featured to blog element
NEWcolumns options to featured two style
NEWminimal shadow two woo template
NEWsticky menu on mobile
NEWtripadvisor icon to social networks
NEWdescription for woo category subtitle
NEWgallery type to media element element
NEWblog style element
NEWdata attributes to buttons for single product
NEWxing icon to social icons
NEWcustom video to columns templates
NEWmenu color on sticky header
NEWquantity to simple button single product
NEWquantity to simple button single product
NEWoption to enable offcanvas header cart
NEWeight column instagram option
NEWlightbox style for button element
NEWfeatured image for mockup devices
NEWmodern style for single post
NEWtext align justify
NEWlink to icon box element
NEWcss options for mockup devices element
NEWvideo thumbs and video lightbox options to portfolio listing element
NEWmockup device element
NEWresponsive width to header column
NEWtypography options for single post title
NEWspan text wrapper for highlight element
NEWcustom post style for single post
NEWcondition to display classnames in single posts template
NEWpage blocks options for mobile devices
NEWpage stacks on mobile
NEWvideo thumbs and video lightbox options to portfolio listing element
NEWlink option to the column
ENHANCEMENTheader search animations improvements
ENHANCEMENTlazyload and carousel
ENHANCEMENTseo improvements
ENHANCEMENTcart page responsiveness
ENHANCEMENTanimated frames
ENHANCEMENTtabs deeplink
ENHANCEMENTheader button improvements
ENHANCEMENTnew styles to woo products element
ENHANCEMENTpage blocks on mobile
ENHANCEMENTcart module improvements
ENHANCEMENTsticky row responsiveness
ENHANCEMENTvideo background
ENHANCEMENTlocal scroll
ENHANCEMENTmedia elements
ENHANCEMENTheader on safari
ENHANCEMENTtabs functionality
ENHANCEMENTraw html and raw js shortcodes available in header posts
ENHANCEMENTliquid icon box element
ENHANCEMENTheader cart template
ENHANCEMENTadd to cart ajax on single product
ENHANCEMENTproducts columns option
ENHANCEMENTlocalscroll improvements with sticky rows
ENHANCEMENTcarousel image improvement in mockup devices element
ENHANCEMENTspacing improvements
ENHANCEMENTshop responsiveness
ENHANCEMENTcontent option for alt promo element
ENHANCEMENTimage comparison element
ENHANCEMENTcarousel 3d improvements
ENHANCEMENTreplacing the video background and loader for row template
ENHANCEMENTimproving localscroll with sticky rows
ENHANCEMENTshowcase carousel
ENHANCEMENTportfolio hover effects on mobile
ENHANCEMENTmobile navigation breakpoint improvements
FIXEDnewsletter element issue
FIXEDicon box content editor issue
FIXEDportfolio ajax issue unique id
FIXEDtitlbar background on search results page
FIXEDheader cart offcanvas placement
FIXEDequal height columns on safari
FIXEDdefault animation values in columns template
FIXEDshop banner link is not clickable on mobile
FIXEDthe issue with cover spaced single blog template navigation
FIXEDtext rotator on window resize
FIXEDrow background issue image when border effect is enabled
FIXEDlaptop carousel navigation on mobile
FIXEDsubmenus in fullscreen header style
FIXEDglitching issue with text rotator on safari
FIXEDcolumns template issue
FIXEDfallback image not visible on video background
FIXEDlogo width on IE
FIXEDtext cart color style
FIXEDlaptop carousel navigation
FIXEDwoo stripe inputs width issue
FIXEDissue with body classnames to single post
FIXEDstack page blocks
FIXEDtitlebar background issue on mobile when background-attachment is set to fixed
FIXEDsubheading issue
FIXEDlogo max width not working on IE
FIXEDportfolio listing issue theme option
FIXEDtitle section content field issue
FIXEDrow width issue on firefox
FIXEDmobile logo width issue
FIXEDformat quote issue in blog element
FIXEDportfolio listing theme option issue
FIXEDexclude input portfolio listing element
FIXEDblog style issues in columns template
FIXEDmissing element previews
FIXEDresponsive images not showing when inside revealer elements
FIXEDinvisible invisible on toggle buttons
FIXEDcookies checkbox issue in comments
FIXEDcontact form issue unerlined inputs when border color is added
FIXEDimage comparison issue on mobile
FIXEDnotice in php 7.3 single posts template
UPDATEave core
UPDATEave portfolio