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Beaver Builder Professional WordPress Plugin v2.4.0.6

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v2.4.0.6 - 10/12/2020 - Thanks To @TassieNZ
Hot Fix

  • Fixed PHP notice that appears when dropping a Menu module on the page (Issue #775)
  • Fixed Callout modules not working in Pre-Built Rows (Issue #767)
  • Fixed importer line break issue with imported css/js in layouts (Issue #758)
  • Fixed fatal on Flywheel Cloud hosting when you have Lite installed and then activate a Premium version (Issue #770)
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v2.4.0.5 - 09/28/2020
Hot Fix

  • Button Module: Fix lightbox not working if ID specified in module settings
  • Callout Module: fix links not working on icons
  • Login Module: Make strings translateable
  • Photo Module & Callout Module: Fix cropping hanging with unreachable URLs
  • Photo Module: new filter fl_builder_photo_noimage
  • Post Carousel Module: Fix equal height issue on some themes
  • Fix Content Panel button animation
  • Fix Themer field connection button not showing in TwentyTwenty theme
  • Fix layout shortcode CSS issue
  • Fix fatal error for KeyCDN Cache Enabler users
  • WooCommerce Product Filters Add-on - fix conflict
  • Add tiptip a dependency for admin JS
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v2.4.0.4 - 09/15/2020
Hot Fix

Fixed UI CSS issues

v2.4.0.3 - 09/14/2020
Hot Fix

  • Added pagination compatibility with Yoast SEO when category prefix is removed
  • Fixed WordPress not redirecting Post URLs that do not exist when BB is active
  • Fixed button group text hover global style not working for focus
  • Fixed detection on Settings page
  • Fixed limit being bypassed on repeater fields
  • Fixed undefined offset with wp_print_styles
  • Fixed Responsive Preview due to a bug in Chrome. Bug detailed here:
  • Fixed JS error when using Vimeo video in a row background when audio is enabled
  • Fixed Callout Module Icon links not working
  • Fixed Posts Module buttons being broken when using jQuery 3.5.1
  • Fixed compatibility with WordPress versions below 5.2 and ClassicPress
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Download Beaver Builder Professional v2.4.0.2 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free Nulled Free
v2.4.0.2 - 08/24/2020
Hot Fix

  • Button Group Module: fix tabbing to button does not show text hover color
  • Fix undefined variable $premium relating to Templates
  • List Module: Fix string for Ordered List saying ul in tooltip for selecting an Icon
  • Fix styling failing to load when using Woocommerce, Yoast Seo and its Woo add-on, and fl_builder_insert_layout in products
  • Fix WP Foundation icons not showing after publish
  • List Module: add padding option to list items globally and individual list items
  • Fix "No plugin found" error on View Details modal on plugin page
  • Fix Slideshow module images not rendering alt text
  • Fix Post Carousel Lazy load issues with WordPress 5.5
  • Set responsive preview default to No in global settings to avoid affecting existing sites
  • Fix notice on BB Settings page when the jQuery Migrate Helper Plugin is active
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Download Beaver Builder Professional v2.4.0.1 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free - 08/12/2020
Hot Fix

  • Fixed Contact Form module: Labels still display even when set to "Show Placeholders only".
  • Fixed PHP warning when using layout shortcodes.
  • Fixed ACF issue where CSS was not being purged after updating ACF fields.
  • Fixed default settings not being used in Responsive Editing and Preview when Responsive settings in Previews is set to No.
  • Fixed lazy loading isues in post-slider and content-slider modules.
  • Includes all fixes from
Download Beaver Builder Professional v2.3.2.9 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free - 08/11/2020

Hot Fix
Added support for WP 5.5 auto updates system for plugins and themes. - 08/11/2020
Hot Fix
Fixed Rich Text editor issues in WP 5.5
Fixed broken image cropping on Flywheel hosting.
Beaver Builder Professional v2.4 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v2.4 "O'Shaughnessy" Aug 5 2020

Beaver Builder 2.4 is here! This is a major update and will be released as the official download on the My Account page first. Remote updates to all existing sites will begin soon!


  • NEW: List Module
  • NEW: Search Module
  • NEW: Login Module
  • NEW: Button Group Module
  • NEW: Integration with Assistant
  • BB Lite now has 3 additional modules: Button, Heading & Icon as well as a select few pre-made page Templates.
  • The same new templates that were added to Lite are available in all paid versions
  • WooCommerce Module - add ability to sort and include specific category IDs.
  • Video Module: Add new options to show video in a Lightbox, hide player settings, and sticky positioning and embed option now renders shortcodes
  • Row Backgrounds: Now you can use embed codes. Use html to embed videos from other sources or show sliders from other plugins using shortcodes
  • Subscribe Module: Added GroundHogg integration. GroundHogg WP Plugin required to use.
  • Added main as an option to row/column/module container element options.
  • Responsive Editing/Preview: In global settings, you can toggle to use your actual settings for responsive editing & preview instead of the default fixed with. The breakpoint width is also displayed during Responsive Editing/Preview
  • Add attachments to our link field search
  • When using layout shortcodes, move the css needed to the head instead of the body to avoid validation errors.
  • Update editor used for code editing
  • Font Awesome Pro subset support added! See for more info.
  • Keep lightbox open when Publish Shortcut Key is pressed.
  • Posts Module: Add option to change the Post Title tag.
  • History can now be completely disabled by setting FL_BUILDER_HISTORY_STATES to 0 or false.
  • LiteSpeed plugin added native support for Beaver Builder so litespeed removed from supported plugins in cache extension.
  • Add SpinupWP to cache clearing tool.
  • Alert on BB Settings page for hosting users when htaccess blocks all JS in uploads folder.
  • Style hardening for UI tables, select 2 dropdowns, setting modal headings, and the media library modal.
  • Content Slider - if transition and delay are equal or if transition is higher than delay, prevent save.
  • Subscribe Module: Using terms and conditions check box now activates the Sendy GDPR flag for the contact
  • Add post classes to Post Slider and Post Carousel Modules so they are consistent with the Post Module
  • Countdown Module: Update to use a date picker and add field connection for Themer
  • New Filter: fl_tabs_id_in_label to allow Tab module IDs to be used as a prefix in the module output.
  • New filter: fl_loop_paginate_links_args to allow changing of the text in pagination.
  • New filter fl_media_modal_types to change the file types that show in the media library for photo and video modules
  • Accessibility: Add screen reader only text option to Icons
  • Accessibility: Add for labels to Subscribe Module
  • Accessibility: Allow choice of placeholders, labels or both for form elements and allow spacebar and enter to submit the form
  • Accessibility: Testimonials Module - flip controls so markup matches display
  • Accessibility: Menu Module - Fix accessibility issue with Flyout layout close button
  • Debug Mode - show phpinfo() if available, add content of child theme functions.php to debug output and allow editing of Layout CSS/JS and Global JS/CSS in WP Admin if debug is enabled

  • Menu Module: Fix line height not working for link items
  • Fix deprecated notice in PHP 7.2 or higher with InfusionSoft Library
  • Fix a PHP Notice (offset undefined) when dropping a Posts Module on the page
  • Remove autoload from options that we can, like fl_notifications
  • Fix a fatal error in certain cases when a used module goes missing
  • Fixed lodash issue when using Events Calendar and Assistant plugins.
  • Fixe Importer issues: imported items not showing the layout CSS/JS and other minor fixes
  • Fixed Import/Export not working with custom modules with _ in slug.
  • Fixed MultiSite domain mapping causing responsive settings to go full screen.
  • Fixed Autoptimize aggregate CSS causing responsive settings to go full screen.
  • SlideShow Module: Fixed notice for alt tag displaying
  • Hide Block Editor Inserter when editing a BB-enabled post
  • Fixed JS error of Post Spacing left blank in post Carousel
  • Fixed incorrect history order on sites running the MyISAM database engine.
  • Make sure mediaelementplayer library is available before trying to access.
  • Fixed typo error which resulted to incorrect editing status message.
  • Links to CSS files were sometimes broken when loading via shortcode.
  • Fix for Parallax on Safari iPadOS. Parallax is now disabled to avoid unwanted zoom on parallax images.
  • Fix for Video background not sized properly on the TwentyTwenty theme.
  • Add Sanitation for row background slider speed and transition settings
  • Fix for conflict with Mailster plugin where post data did not show in WP Admin.
  • Fix z-index issue with Menu Module sub-menu and Content Slider Arrows
  • Fixed using Template in BB Categories causing Saved Templates item not to show in content panel
  • Fix column and row text color settings overriding module set text colors
  • Fix color picker order not being saved after publish
  • Fix conflict with Pop-up Builder plugin and Text Editor module
  • Fix Post Slider text background color not displaying
  • Fix typos/capitalization issues in some strings
  • Fix form fields not showing correct responsive editing device
  • Fix row background custom position fields not toggling properly
  • Fix callout module links not properly showing as nofollow when selected
  • Fix callout link text alignment
Download Beaver Builder Professional v2.3.2.7 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v2.3.2.7 - 07/29/2020
Hot Fix

  • Fixed deprecated function warning in WP 5.5
  • Fixed an WordPress object cache bug when duplicating node templates.
  • Update Tested Up To for WP 5.5
Download Beaver Builder Professional v2.3.2.6 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v2.3.2.6 - 06/30/2020
Hot Fix

Update Mailerlite API files.
Download Beaver Builder Professional v2.3.2.5 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v2.3.2.5 - 03/24/2020
Hot Fix