BeMusic - Music Streaming Engine PHP Script

BeMusic - Music Streaming Engine PHP Script v2.4.7

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2020 July 17 - v2.4.7

  • Removed "force subscription" setting. Same functionality can now be achieved by removing all permissions from "users" and "guests" roles in admin area.
  • Improved update process when updating from versions older then 2.4.6
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where valid mail credentials would be shown as invalid sometimes in settings page.
  • Fixed an issue where channels created with and older version might not be editable sometimes.
  • Removed "PHPMail" outgoing mail option as it was deprecated in latest version of PHP.
  • Fixed an issue with automatic google analytics credentials validation.
  • Fixed an issue where images uploaded on older versions might not show in some cases.
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2020 July 11 - Version 2.4.6
New Features

  • Only one device can now be allowed to be logged into user account at the same time.
  • Updated Laravel to latest version. BeMusic now requires at least PHP 7.2.5 version to work properly.
  • Updated login, register, forgot password and reset password pages design.
  • If some server error occurs a more descriptive message will now be shown if user is logged in as admin.
  • Improved integration with media hubs and notifications for uploaded tracks.
  • All email templates will now have the same design.
  • Navigate to item page when clicking on media item image and not playback button.
  • Added separate address for contact page in mail settings page.
  • Show notification in "settings -> general" page if specified base site url and current url don't match.
  • Improved input focus outline design.
  • Landing page can now be enabled from "admin > settings > general" page.
  • Google analytics integration will now use newer .json key file instead of .p12
  • Open links inside track and album embed in new window.
  • Hide virtual keyboard on search page after hitting "enter" or "submit" button.
Bug Fixes
  • Merge artists and users in local search when artist mode is set to user to avoid duplicate results.
  • Youtube search results should now be more accurate for artists with special characters in the name.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to add or remove artist from library sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue where adding genre with dash in the name might not work in some cases.
  • Playlists in user profile will now correctly show playlist owner username.
  • Track page SEO will now correctly user album image if track has no image of its own.
  • Cache method changes in settings page will now be properly validated.
  • Clearing cache will now work if "proc_open" function was disabled on the server.
  • Popularity sort option will now work properly in track table.
  • Make sure text logo does not push login button offsreen.
  • Fixed an issue with user background image would not be removable sometimes.
  • Always store appearance editor custom css and js locally, regardless of storage method in settings page.
  • If placeholders can't be replaced in tags provided in "admin > appearance > seo" page, hide those tags when displaying the page.
  • A number of other smaller fixes.
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2020 April 10 - v2.4.5
New Features

  • Added "popular artists" auto update method to channels.
  • Added "most recently added tracks" auto update method to channels.
  • Added separate pages for editing user's own tracks and albums outside of admin area.
  • Added new page for listing tracks and albums for specific tag.
  • Added configurable GDPR cookie notice.
  • Added configurable confirmation policies to register page.
  • Added chunked uploading. This allows BeMusic to upload large files in smaller chunks for better upload reliability and avoid server max file size limits.
  • Added support for XSendFile and XAcceleratedResponse for reducing server RAM and CPU usage when previewing or downloading files.
  • Added resumable uploads functionality.
  • Double clicking video in bottom right corner will now put video in fullscreen mode.
  • Music and video files, avatars and other media files can now be stored on cloud providers (s3, digitalocean, backblaze etc)
  • Update site name in channel title automatically when site name is changed in appearance editor.
  • Channel SEO title and description will now accept placeholders, for example: {{SITE_NAME}}
  • When editing channel, only content of correct type will now appear in search results.
  • Channel content can now be updated manually via 3rd party methods from channel page.
  • Existing tags and genres will now be suggested when creating or editing tracks and albums.
  • Automatically scroll validation errors into view in track and album forms.
  • Show progress bar when using "replace file" button in track form.
  • Improved full screen overlay on mobile.
  • Local search will now search album and track tags as well.
  • Added "delete" button to track and album context menu if user has correct permissions.
  • Always show track/video length in minutes, even if it's longer then one hour.
  • Redirect user from "billing/pricing" to "billing/upgrade" url if they are already logged in or subscribed.
  • Remote tracks can now be downloaded via download button in player bar.
  • Slugs will now be generated properly for cyrillic and chinese characters.
  • Public uploads (like user avatars) can now be stored on cloud services (s3, digitalocean, backblaze etc.).
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a few visual issues with dropdowns across the site.
  • Setting homepage to "default" in settings page will now load "discover" channel as homepage.
  • Properly replace existing file via "upload file" button in uploads page.
  • Fixed a few issues with user avatar and header images in user profile page.
  • New comment input field will now be properly hidden after clicking enter and submitting a new comment.
  • Fixed an issue where genre page would sometimes not display when "user" is set as artist type in settings page.
  • Links without protocol in user profile will now default to https.
  • Fixed an issue where wrong song would sometimes appear as playing in user profile tracks page.
  • Sitemap generator will now generate correct urls for albums and artists.
  • Prevent deletion of billing plans if any users are subscribed to them.
  • Load album tracks (if not already loaded) when adding album to playlist or queue via context menu.
  • Keep track length and elapsed time elements same width to prevent issues with progress bar position on longer tracks and videos.
  • Delete user playlists when deleting user from admin area.
  • Lines in user profile will now be easier to translate.
  • Fixed an issue where some artists that exist on spotify would not be found in some cases.
  • Fix ordering via date column in history page tracks table.
  • Chart legend items will now wrap to new line if there's not enough space.
  • A number of other smaller fixes and improvements.
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Download BeMusic v2.4.4 - Music Streaming Engine PHP Script Nulled Free
2019 November 22 - v2.4.4 - Thanks To @TassieNZ
New Features

  • Added "popular playlists" auto update method to channels.
  • User profile description is now limited to 250 characters.
  • Updated create track validation messages to be more clear.
  • Improved player and volume seekbar performance.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where manual cache clear was sometimes needed after update channel content.
  • Fixed an issue with track download not working on some mobile devices.
  • Album tracks on channel pages will now be ordered correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where user library artists page search would not work sometimes.
  • Prevent same item from being attached to channel twice.
  • Custom pages will now properly show their SEO tags.
  • Hide "new comment" button if user does not have permissions to comment.
  • Fixed an issue where new playlist modal would sometimes not show uploaded image.
  • Genres with dash in the same will no longer be duplicated.
Download BeMusic v2.3.6 - Music Streaming Engine PHP Script Nulled Free
2019 March 03 - Version 2.3.6
New Features

  • Meta tags will now be visible on regular site, not just for crawlers and bots.
  • Added recaptcha support for "registration" and "contact us" pages.
  • Added new, easier to use installer.
  • Added icon selector for "admin > appearance > menus" page.
  • Added "Contact Us" page.
  • SEO editor now has a more powerful placeholder system which allows usage of all data that will be available for a particular resource.
  • Google "mobile friendly" tests should now fully pass.
  • Browser page title will now reflect title specified via "admin > appearance > seo" page.
  • Currently playing song name will now be shown as page title in browser.
  • Menu manager "route" type items now support query parameters.
  • External links added via menu manager will now open in new browser tab.
  • SEO editor will now use "textarea" to make editing easier.
  • Google analytics .p12 file can now be uploaded from settings page.
  • Settings page will now validate most newly entered settings.
Bug Fixes
  • Menu item reordering via drag and drop should now work properly in menu manager.
  • Current color will now be selected when color picker is opened in "admin > appearance > colors" page.
  • Tracks and videos longer then one hour will now properly show their duration.
  • Ad codes with single double quotes should now work properly.
  • Trying to create album without selecting artist will now properly show error message.
  • Icons on search page input will now be properly aligned on mobile.
  • Track page will now look properly on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue with "remastered" tracks not having lyrics sometimes.
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