BioLinks - Instagram & TikTok Bio Links & URL Shortener (SAAS Ready)

BioLinks - Instagram & TikTok Bio Links & URL Shortener (SAAS Ready) v5.2.0 Nulled

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Update v5.2.0 – 17 November, 2020 - Thanks To @BlakenFist

- Implemented the ability to set the default biolink page branding from the admin panel.
- Fully redesigned home page.
- Improved the consistency of the design throughout the product, including some UX improvements.
- Improved performance of the website when a user is logged in.
- Implemented htaccess browser caching rules for images, css and javascript.
- Implemented help tooltips for all the features that are blocked on particular plans.
- Fixed problem where accounts wouldn't be able to change their email in some cases.
- Fixed link scheduling bug.
- Various looks improvements and code cleanups.
Nulled by @oldnixk and Thank you for Providing the latest update - @fegames

19 October 2020- Implemented the Leap Link feature for biolink pages, that can be toggled per plan.

- Implemented the ability to add image blocks on biolink pages.
- Implemented the ability for the admin to disable the main domain to be used as a domain for shortening or biolink pages.
- Fully removed and replaced the previous date picker with a better one.
- Fully replaced the browser tracking library with a new and more up to date one for better accuracy on link statistics.
- Link statistics will try to not count bot accesses from now on.
- Improved the looks and functionality of the admin statistics page.
- Fixed Account Settings page displaying billing form when not needed.
- Fix pages created from the admin panel not being ordered properly.
- Fix invoices where inclusive taxes were not calculated properly.
Download BioLinks v5.0 - Instagram & TikTok Bio Links & URL Shortener (SAAS Ready) Nulled Free
Update 5.0.0 – 23 September, 2020

- Fully reworked & redesigned the checkout process.
- Implemented the ability to view invoices for all the payments via the admin panel.
- Implemented the ability to delete payment logs from the admin panel.
- Implemented the ability for admins to create & configure taxes from the admin panel.
- Implemented the ability to attach different taxes for any paid plan.
- Implemented the ability to enable / disable the taxes & billing system completely from the admin panel.
- Implemented email verification when an already existing account is changing their email address to another one for better security.
- Implemented a new plan feature for SEO that can block search engines from indexing the actual biolink page.
- Implemented the ability to set a password to a biolink or shortened link, feature can be toggled via plan settings.
- Implemented the ability to set a Sensitive content warning to a biolink or shortened link, feature can be toggled via plan settings.
- Implemented the ability to enable & disable Music Embeds via the plan feature.
- Implemented the ability to enable & disable Video Embeds via the plan feature.
- Implemented the ability to enable / disable custom domains from the admin panel.
- Now all user submitted custom domains will be added on a Pending status until an admin approves and attaches it.

- Updated bootstrap to the latest version 4.5.2.
- Updated jquery to the latest version 3.5.1.
- Reworked the user account deletion and made it into a new, separated page.
- Improved how certain pages look when no data is available.
- Improved the way a biolink link can be switched on and off.
- Improved the Text Block on the Biolink page to accept multiple line breaks.
- Improved the way biolink social fields are presented to a more consistent format.

- Fixed Admin User Update not being able to set an account to a disabled status.
- A lot of other fixes, code cleanups and improvements that don't need mentioning.
Update 4.8.2
- Implemented the ability to have custom Invoice number prefix.
- Updated Stripe payment handler to support the latest API version of Stripe.
- Updated Stripe PHP SDK to the latest version.
- Replaced Google's Favicon provider (for displaying website favicons) with a more privacy-friendly solution from DuckDuckGo.
- Now when a user is banned, his links won't be accessible anymore.
- Fixed biolink page title not properly showing up when a custom SEO one is not set.
- Other small improvements.
- Fixed Biolink page deletion not deleting the actual uploaded images (avatar, background - if any).
- Fixed user deletion not deleting all the uploaded images (avatars, backgrounds for all the biolink pages).
- Fixed admin package update not properly working when clicking on update all subscribers button.
- Fixed admin dashboard when the payment system is not enabled for regular license holders, in some cases.
- Fixed admin links ordering by date not properly working.
- Fixed admin users management user deletion not working.
- Fixed project page visual bug when a link is too big.
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Update 4.8.0 – 1 August, 2020

- Implemented the ability to ban a user from the Admin Panel.
- Implemented pagination for the Projects list, Biolink pages list, Account Payments, Account Logs, Custom Domains pages.
- Implemented the ability to offer Lifetime deals to your customers
- Implemented the ability to turn off certain Payment Frequencies per Plan (from the admin panel)
- Implemented a dedicated "Thank you" page after a successful payment with access to payment-related data from javascript to also make external affiliate tracking much more easy to implement.
- Implemented the ability to take on Offline payments.

- Improved the performance of the Project page.
- Reworked the Admin Panel User View page to show more details and have direct links to users related content.
- Reworked the Admin Panel Plan Update page to have a more clearly defined actions when updating a plan.
- Improved Admin Codes, Pages, Pages Categories to show a more beautiful default view when no codes are created.
- Improved the Admin Panel Dashboard responsiveness and widgets for mobile.
- Improved a lot of other parts in the Admin panel to be more user friendly.
- Reworked how the Dark / Light switcher is working.
- Reworked parts of the Packages choosing page, Payment checkout page and improved them.
- Reworked parts of the footer to be more responsive and look better.
- Improved the speed of execution of the following pages: Sitemap, Generation of the simple captcha, Stripe & Paypal Webhooks

- Fixed Facebook login not tracking the Country of the user on registration.
- Fixed Free and Trial plans still showing up when they are set to "Hidden".
- Fixed text block not breaking the text when too long.

- Upgraded phpmailer, recaptcha, stripe, fontawesome libraries to the latest versions.
- Ads which are set from the admin panel will now not show on the Login, Register, Lost password, Resend activation and Reset Password, Plan selection, Payment and Thank you payment pages.
- Improved the helper text when adding a custom domain.
- Various other code cleanup and improvements throughout the product.
Download BioLinks v4.7.0 - Instagram & TikTok Bio Links & URL Shortener (SAAS Ready) Nulled Free
Update 4.7.0 – 31 May, 2020 Thanks To @luciakfer

- Implemented Additional Global Domains as a package feature
- Implemented the ability for a Custom Domain to have a custom index redirection
- Implemented Custom Back-half as a package feature for users to have the ability to choose custom aliases for their links
- Implemented QR Code for the Biolink pages and Shortened links
- Implemented Deep Linking package feature that allows the user to have custom URL structures, like mail:// or app://..etc
- Fully reworked the Admin Statistics page with a new structure and more statistics.
- Fully redesigned the Admin Panel.
- Implemented the ability for a Package to be hidden from the Frontend but still active.
- All the redirects from the Shortened links and Biolink pages are now happening with a 301 Permanent Redirect as its the best choice for SEO purposes.
- Biolink Text block - Title is not required anymore.
- Documentation & Installation process design reworked.
- Biolink page ads will now not show anymore to other users on Biolink pages which are owned by users that have the "No ads" package option.
- Improved default language text and also added helper tooltips for every package feature listed
- Fixed Link Statistics page not properly counting the stats shown.
- Fixed Stripe payments not counting the usage of discount codes when a payment happens.
- Fixed dates shown on Charts not taking into consideration the language file.
- Fixed Facebook Login not notifying the admin when the user signed up.
- Fixed Admin Link deletion bug.
- Fixed Paypal Recurring Annual payments bug.
- Fixed Admin User Create function not taking into consideration the default timezone and language when creating the user.
- Fixed Admin Settings page being slow in certain cases when saving data.
- Removed the ability to have custom alias URL's for links inside of a Biolink page
- Other various improvements and fixes.
Download BioLinks v4.6.1 - Instagram & TikTok Bio Links & URL Shortener (SAAS Ready) Nulled Free
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