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== Changelog ==

= 1.6.2 =
* Forums - Fixed reply editor excerpt formatting issue
* Activity - Fixed sidebar cut off issue on iPad device
* Elementor - Improved Gallery widget to add video support
* Elementor - Fixed issue with Elementor section background video
Download BuddyBoss - Platform Theme v1.6.1.1 Nulled Free
= v1.6.1.1 = Thanks To @NullMaster

* LearnDash - Fixed lesson critical bug where lesson content do not show

= v1.6.1 =
* Profiles - Improved Profile completion module caching logic
* Notifications - Improved notification dropdown mobile layout
* Notifications - Fixed issue where the "mark read" option doesn't show in mobile view
* Forums - Fixed forum reply image repost issue
* Media - Added styling for Photos and Album network search feature
* Theme Options - Fixed missing translation strings in theme options
* Elementor - New widget for Social Groups
* Elementor - Provided profile types option for members widget
* LearnDash - Fixed missing sidebar for locked lessons, topics, and quizzes
* Events Calendar Pro - Fixed 'Events List' widget styling issue
Download BuddyBoss - Platform Theme v1.6.0 Nulled Free
= v1.6.0 =

* Notifications - Added option to mark all site notifications read from the notification dropdown
* Groups - Fixed group tooltip UI issue when cover photo settings disabled
* Activity - Improved left and right sidebar to show properly in the tablet view
* Media - Dropzone 5.7.2 styling update from BuddyBoss Platform
* Theme Options - Fixed typography font-weight & style issue
* Elementor - New LifterLMS widgets support for Course Grid, Course Activity
* Elementor - Improved Profile Completion widget with more color options
* Elementor - Fixed 'header bar' widget icons transition issue
* Elementor - Improved dashboard grid layout issue for mobile view
* Elementor - Fixed LearnDash templates based on Elementor conditional template settings
* LearnDash - Fixed issue to show quiz count on single lesson sidebar
* LifterLMS - Fixed outdated template notice after LifterLMS 4.5.0 update
* WooCommerce - Fixed outdated template notice after WooCommerce 4.6.0 update
* Translations - Updated German (formal) language files
Download BuddyBoss - Platform Theme v1.5.9.1 Nulled Free
= v1.5.9.1 = Thanks To @TassieNZ

* Forums - Fixed forums in profile when configured Forums as a child page
* Elementor - Provided 'LearnDash Course Grid' widget category and tag filter option
* Elementor - Fixed 'header bar' widget layout issue
Download BuddyBoss - Platform Theme v1.5.9 Nulled Free
= 1.5.9 =

* Messages - Fixed message threads load more issue with certain devices and screen sizes
* Elementor - Fixed Elementor 3.0.10 compatibility issues
* LearnDash - Added sidebar for a single course and lesson page template
* LearnDash - Added styling support for all widgets in a single course and lesson sidebars
* LearnDash - Fixed video progression issue
* WooCommerce - Fixed outdated template notice after WooCommerce 4.4.0 update
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== Changelog ==

= 1.5.8 =
* Profiles - Added styling for new 'Cover Photo Repositioning' feature in Profiles and Groups from BuddyBoss Platform
* Notifications - Added option to mark site notifications read from the dropdown
* Notifications - Fixed notification count issue when messages are read
* Media - Fixed issue to allow sending just emoji in messaging, activity, forums, etc
* Elementor - Fixed Elementor 3.0.9 compatibility issues
* Elementor - Improved BuddyBoss header bar widget for mobile view
* Elementor - Added BuddyBoss Sections/Templates Pro and Dependency label
* Elementor - Added Edit activity button support in Activity Widget
* GamiPress - Added missing hooks and styling to support GamiPress add-on features
* Translations - Updated German (formal) language files
== Changelog ==

= 1.5.7 =
* Activity - Added styling for new 'Edit Activity' feature from BuddyBoss Platform
* Profiles - Added styling for new Custom Profile dropdown feature from BuddyBoss Platform
* Forums - Fixed formatting issue in Discussion reply editor
* Elementor - Fixed Elementor 3.0 compatibility issues
* Elementor - Improved layout widgets, Custom Sections, and 'Dashboard' page template
* LearnDash - Fixed Course cover photo issue caused by a conflict with WordPress 5.5
* LearnDash - Fixed closed Course sample lesson permission issue
* LearnDash - Improved single LearnDash Group layout
* LearnDash - Fixed Course status to show in a different language other than English
* WooCommerce - Fixed issue related to product quantity in the cart
* WooCommerce - Fixed empty Sidebar issue on the shop page
* GamiPress - Fixed Achievement widget earner list layout
* Translations - Updated German (formal) language files
Download BuddyBoss - Platform Theme v1.5.6 Nulled Free
= v1.5.6 = Thanks To @NullMaster

* Elementor - Fixed issues with layout widgets
* Elementor - Fixed issues with 'Dashboard' page template
* Elementor - Fixed profile completion logic to reuse the same feature from platform
* Elementor - many more layout improvements!
== Changelog ==

= 1.5.5 =
* Elementor - New social widgets for Profile Completion, Members, Activity, Forums, Forums Activity
* Elementor - New layout widgets for Dashboard Intro, Dashboard Grid, Tabbed Content, Reviews, Gallery
* Elementor - New LearnDash widgets for LearnDash Course Grid, LearnDash Activity
* Elementor - New interface for selecting BuddyBoss custom sections and pages
* Elementor - New sections for adding widgets with pre-built content and styling options
* Elementor - New 'Dashboard' page template for showing member-specific content
* Theme Options - New Styling option to change color for 'Warning' notices
* Theme Options - New Styling option to change radius for 'Button Border Radius'
== Changelog ==

= 1.5.4 =
* Groups - Fixed alignment of the Group Types filter on Groups directory, in mobile view
* Messages - Added styling for double avatars in messages (requires BuddyBoss Platform 1.4.7)
* Registration - Display an 'eye' toggle for Password (requires BuddyBoss Platform 1.4.7)
* Forums - Fixed clicking 'Edit' on forum reply edits the forum topic instead of the forum reply
* Forums - Fixed behavior for 'Background Overlay Opacity' theme option, turning banner to black
* Forums - Fixed behavior for 'Custom Banner Image' theme option when no image is selected
* Forums - Fixed styling of [bbp-single-topic] shortcode when used within LearnDash content
* Blog - Fixed featured images in blog posts sometimes displaying in low resolution
* Icons - Fixed missing icon previews in menu icon picker for File:MP3, File:pDF, File:Code
* Notices - New Styling options to change colors for 'Notices / Alerts'of all statuses
* LearnDash - New theme option to display 'Course Author Bio' on single course pages.
* LearnDash - Fixed pagination not working when using [ld_course_list] shortcode
* WooCommerce - In Cart dropdown in header, adding scrolling when more than 10 products added
* Translations - Updated German (formal) language files
* Translations - Updated Hungarian language files