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Homey v1.6.2 – Released on 26 August 2020 Big Thanks To @TassieNZ

[Fixed] After price label in mobile
[Fixed] Messages thread instant book
[Fixed] echoed attribute on listing detail page
[Fixed] Search filters checkbox active & inactive colors issues
[Fixed] Search dropdown CSS alignment
[Fixed] Problem with affiliate link and footer
[Fixed] Some RTL CSS alignment
[Fixed] Radius search problem after WP 5.5
[Fixed] Price displays as free on listing detail page when booking mode per week or per month
[Improved] Validation error on editing draft listing
[Improved] Open Streep Map auto-complete styling
[Fixed] email verification
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Homey v1.6.1 – Released on 15 August 2020

[New] Compatible with WordPress 5.5
[Fixed] Mobile menu dashboard links
[Fixed] Messages thread not create with instant booking
[Improved] RTL CSS
[Improved] Listing card layout spacing and title color
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Homey v1.5.3 – Released on 5 June 2020

[Fixed] Security issues related messages.
[Fixed] Security issues related Listings access
[Fixed] Security issues related reservation access
[Fixed] Security issues related payouts
[Fixed] Hourly booking show wrong title on compare page
[Fixed] Listing detail page map not work when add listing from frontend
[Fixed] Details word is hardcoded in wallet
[Fixed] GDPR agreement not selectable in mobile.
[Fixed] invoice translation issue on mobile
[Fixed] Compare page showing the wrong price for hourly booking
[Fixed] Add more button in the Extra services is not translatable. Homey text domain missing
[Fixed] Spelling mistakes
[Fixed] Problems inserting profile information from mobile phone
[Fixed] Array warning on messages page
[Fixed] Calculate booking cost on page load
[Fixed] Translation
[Improve] HTML, PHP code
[Improved] Overall code quality
[Updated] Homey Core plugin
[Updated] Homey login register plugin
[Updated] WP Bakery plugin
[Updated] Revolution Slider plugin
Download Homey v1.5.2 - Booking and Rentals WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Homey v1.5.2 – Released on 15 February 2020

[Fixed] Stripe upgrade to a featured listing
[Fixed] Print listing shows different details
[Fixed] Undesired pop up upon reservation
[Added] Listing and Reservation ID for Stripe payments
[Added] Login Popup for non-logged in users making an instant reservation
[Updated] Google login API
[Updated] Homey Core plugin
[Updated] Homey login register plugin
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Homey v1.5.1 – Released on 30 January 2020

[Fixed] Mobile menu CSS for tablets
[Fixed] Radius search CSS on page banner
[Fixed] Invoices search result count for host
[Fixed] Messaging Host with a host account BUG
[Updated] Homey core plugin
[Updated] bootstrap.min.css
[Updated] main.min.css

Homey v1.5.0 – Released on 28 January 2020
[New] Stripe new API supported SCA
[New] Radius Search https://tppr.me/xhBaW
[New] Instant booking validation on same page.
[New] Total earnings adjustment on booking cancellation
[New] Live search for city, area
[Fixed] Reviews pagination not show on listing detail page
[Fixed] Listings Ratings count not work when add manually reviews from admin panel
[Fixed] Profile verification not show right on print listing page
[Fixed] Save as Draft 2 listings created
[Fixed] Paying with PayPal does not change Calendar booking status from 'Pending' to 'Booked'
[Fixed] Reservation translation not work on mobile
[Fixed] Wallet show wrong calculations when discount or extra expenses applied
[Fixed] Show/Hide map listing level settings not work
[Fixed] Email notification for messages
[Fixed] Bug with Photo upload process in process and click on set as featured
[Fixed] Hourly booking on mobile
[Fixed] Host cannot make reservation is hourly booking
[Fixed] Extra Services not display when less then 2
[Fixed] Cancelled booking show mark as paid option
[Fixed] All admin to delete custom period for host listing
[Fixed] Another host can see the booked details of the other host.
[Fixed] Manually added review from admin not calculate ratings
[Fixed] Non-numeric value error for reservation
[Fixed] Breadcrumb
[Fixed] Bugs with Invoice filters
[Fixed] Featured listings not expired
[Fixed] punctuation and backslash for emails content
[Fixed] Custom period prices labels translation
[Update] WP Bakery Plugin
[Updated] Homey Core plugin (required to update for stripe SCA)
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Download Homey v1.4.2 - Booking and Rentals WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v1.4.2.1 - @rolandsanjaya90
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Homey v1.4.2 – Released on 24 September 2019 - Thanks To

[New] Off-site/Local payment
[New] Allow host to book
[New] Ability to delete property images if property is deleted by host in their frontend dashboard
[New] Reviews available only AFTER guest check-in
[Fixed] Total Earnings reset to zero after payout
[Fixed] Deleting Listing from Host dashboard does NOT delete images from library
[Fixed] 'Verified' Host when viewing as admin, and "Not Verified" for everyone else
[Fixed] Missing translation strings
[Fixed] Undefined index notice on search result page
[Fixed] Admin can wrong username for new registered user
[Fixed] When book reservation from month 1st date then 1st date become unavailable
[Fixed] Loading more properties grid view
[Fixed] Admin can't update other host listings calendar
[Fixed] Guests validation for instance booking
[Fixed] When booking start is on Monday, it show Monday as fully booked
[Fixed] Review email template format
[Fixed] Message Notification red dot not show on mobile nav
[Fixed] Payment adjustment email has a punctuation issue - apostrophes have a backslash before them
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Download Homey v1.4.1 - Booking and Rentals WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Homey v1.4.1 – Released on August 27, 2019

[New] Option to disable Extra Services Prices
[New] Reservation Mark as Paid option for host
[New] Reservation ID's in PayPal and Stripe transactions
[New] Reservation ID for invoices
[New] Option for host to Delete reservation and make dates available again for booking
[New] Option for host to Delete reserved periods and make dates available again for booking
[Fixed] Blank spaces when editing Draft property
[Fixed] Line break, formatting not work in textarea when add/edit property
[Fixed] Listing page says Host Verified (even though they aren't)
[Fixed] When date format is dd-mm-yy can't select the check-out date in the next month.
[Fixed] Weekend Pricing doesn't show proper label
[Fixed] Weekend Pricing doesn't show right price calculation
[Fixed] Extra prices show when price ‘null’
[Fixed] Invoice print version was different then invoice
[Fixed] Unable to login when on host profile page
[Fixed] Select a listing type label not changeable from theme options
[Fixed] Host total earnings problem after Manual Adjustment
[Fixed] 'Payout Request Admin' Email Template Issue, always show wrong payout link
[Fixed] Calendar booking issue ( reference ticket https://favethemes.ticksy.com/ticket/2113134)
Download Homey v1.4.0 - Booking and Rentals WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Homey v.1.4.0 – Released on July 29, 2019

[New] Extra services prices for the booking form (https://demo01.gethomey.io/listing/beautiful-cove/)
[New] Number of additional guests allowed the option
[New] Save as draft listings on the frontend dashboard
[New] Now admin can manage all listings from front-end dashboard https://tppr.me/1yyiV
[New] Ability to add reviews for listings from admin panel
[New] Option to select number of months to show for calendars https://tppr.me/miZ8M
[New] Make host/guest profile verified based on email and document provided
[New] All listings access for admin in front-end dashboard
[New] Keyword search option for searches
[New] Listings amenities and facilities filter options for pages
[New] Add option to switch the time format from am/pm to the 24h time format?
[New] Option for enabling/disable listing for admin and host
[New] Host can see his pending listings and edit them too.
[New] Default latitude and longitude option for maps https://tppr.me/YZMQn
[New] Delete gallery images from media when listing delete
[Fixed] Warning with an empty string
[Fixed] Punctuation in Messages
[Fixed] Listing rating does not delete when review deleted
[Fixed] Map preloader position
[Fixed] Minor CSS fixed and improvments
Download Homey v1.3.2 - Booking and Rentals WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Homey v.1.3.2 – Released on July 12, 2019

[Fixed] Instance booking not saved when add listings from frontend dashboard
[Fixed] User page (front end admin dashboard) accessible by guest
[Fixed] Add Listing (front end host dashboard) accessible by guest
[Fixed] iCal feeds import
[Fixed] Overlapping issue on half map search
[Fixed] Header map load NY city by default
[Fixed] Maximum guests limit issue
Download Homey v1.3.1.1 - Booking and Rentals WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Homey v. – Released on July 02, 2019

[Fixed] Front-end dashboard: Large empty space at top of page for Tabs = Features, Location, Bedrooms, Terms & rules, Calendar

Homey v.1.3.1 – Released on July 02, 2019
[New] Option to see guest profle for host
[New] Added new date format dd-mm-yy
[New] Option to disable wallet system
[New] Date format for custom periods
[Fixed] Half map search number of guest search no work
[Fixed] Translation issue on dashboard listings in front-end
[Fixed] View details while booking not working on iPhone
[Fixed] Search show listings which set as unavailable
[Fixed] Instance booking and gallery images not work when calendar disabled in hourly booking
[Fixed] Instance booking PayPal issue
[Fixed] Upload gallery images not work in Microsoft Edge
[Fixed] Bug in Search results page: there are empty spaces between listings in the search results page
[Fixed] Currency switcher stopped working in PHP 7.0 +
[Updated] Homey Core plugin
[Updated] Favethemes currency switcher plugin