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Download Houzez v2.2.4 - Real Estate WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Houzez v2.2.4 Released on September 16, 2020 Big Thanks To @TassieNZ

[Fixed] Price issue after v2.2.3
[Fixed] Luxury homes features section layout issue
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Download Houzez v2.2.3 - Real Estate WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Houzez v2.2.3 Released on September 15, 2020

[New] Allow decimal for prices, now price can be added like 59.99 etc
[Improved] Blog post grids widget, add typography options
[Improved] Google reCaptcha code
[Improved] Agent/agency page tabs code
[Fixed] Agent Name missing for agent contact form
[Fixed] Add new review from admin panel, properties dropdown show record not found
[Fixed] Auto complete for Open Street map for mobile
[Fixed] Admin panel listing templates tabs not show https://tppr.me/zrYm1
Download Houzez v2.2.2 - Real Estate WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Houzez v2.2.2 Released on September 9, 2020

[New] Demo 17 https://demo17.houzez.co/
[New] Options to show/hide category, author, date for blog posts elementor widget
[New] Global disclaimer option for properties. Screenshot https://tppr.me/El40r
[New] Add separate field for whatsapp for agent/agency
[New] agent mobile click to call for sidebar widget
[New] Gallery icon show popup when map/street view disabled on property detail page
[New] Image count for mobile view for property detail page.
[New] Lightbox for Floor Plans image
[Improved] Property detail page gallery instant load on page load.
[Improved] Inquiry form and contact form validation, also added option for custom validation messages. Screenshot https://tppr.me/41vL8
[Improved] Half Map listing page, now search working according to pre-defined filters if any selected https://tppr.me/HimuQ
[Improved] Bootstrap select, also updated from v1.13.9 to v1.13.18
[Improved] Metaboxes code
[Improved] Sub-listing code
[Improved] Floor Plans code
[Improved] User profile bio code, now it allow HTML tags for formatting
[Fixed] Listing templates filters not save when use Classic Editor or WP Bakery Page builder.
[Fixed] Similar widget disable header not working.
[Fixed] Buyer profile update not working
[Fixed] Google login, houzez-login-register plugin update required.
[Fixed] Membership expired email multiple emails sent issue.
[Fixed] Agent/Agency profile image when login with social media
[Fixed] Print page detail list was miss aligned
[Updated] Houzez Login Register plugin (Update required)
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality plugin (Update required)
Download Houzez v2.2.1 - Real Estate WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Houzez v2.2.1 Released on August 22, 2020

[New] Whatsapp buttons for agent and agency pages.
[New] Added click to call for agent and agency pages mobile, phone
[New] When add new property in fornt-end with admin role, property don't need approval.
[Improved] Google and Facebook login buttons styling according to their policy
[Improved] Search builder
[Improved] Email formatting for register user.
[Improved] Houzez grids and Properties grids modules.
[Improved] Agent contact form picture size
[Improved] CSS code
[Fixed] Grid Builder stopped working in v2.2.0
[Fixed] Phone number not show in email content when user register
[Fixed] Taxonomies meta not working in WordPress 5.5
[Fixed] Featured properties widget in sidebar next/prev buttons not work.
[Updated] houzez-theme-functionality plugin (update required)
[Updated] houzez-login-register plugin
[Updated] Slider Revolution plugin.
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Download Houzez v2.2.0 - Real Estate WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Houzez v2.2.0 Released on August 17, 2020

[New] WordPress 5.5 compatibility
[New] Design property detail page with Elementor Free or Pro. Developed New 37 widgets for property detail page design. Screenshot https://tppr.me/KytV1
[New] Section gallery for property detail page. Screenshots https://tppr.me/UefSC and https://tppr.me/Bwgqf
[New] WhatsApp contact button for property agent, now buyer can contact agent via whatsapp too. Setting https://tppr.me/6HOds
[New] Option to enabled range inputs for bedrooms, bathrooms and rooms fields. You can user can add value like ( 2 - 4, 3 - 5) or ( 2,3,4 ) for bedrooms, bathrooms and rooms and make them searchable too. Screenshot https://tppr.me/75CPk
[New] Open Street Map properties elementor widget
[New] Overview section data composer with custom fields support. Screenshot https://tppr.me/tXQE0
[New] Open Street Map radius circle instead of marker for property detail map.
[New] Checkbox to accept terms of user, GDPR and Privacy policy
[New] Made theme options overwrite-able in child theme by overwrite file in same folder as parent
[New] Improve Inquiry form for CRM, added Min/Max fields for price, beds, baths, area etc
[New] Added phone number token for register user email, now %user_phone_register can be used to get registered user phone in email content.
[New] Featured Property and login to view from front end for admin. Screenshot https://tppr.me/ySt8t
[New] Disclaimer for property. Screenshots https://tppr.me/flU9f and https://tppr.me/sxQvi
[New] BuiltIn rooms field for add new property, listing meta, searches and detail
[New] Keyword search field auto suggestions for Elementor search builder
[New] Social buttons for register form.
[New] View Property button for edit property screen in front-end
[New] Number field type for field builder
[New] Removed FontAwesome 4 and updated all icons usage to FontAwesome 5.
[New] Added Property agent and schedule tour email in Email management, now these emails content can be managed from Theme Options
[New] Click to Call for agent phone number on property agent form
[New] Added wp editor for profile about me textarea.
[New] Options to show/hide property agent phone, mobile, skype, whatsapp
[New] Options to manage number of columns for property details, address and features section. Theme Options -> Property Detail Page https://tppr.me/Sl1af
[New] Internal Messages system
[Improved] Loading speed, testing houzez with more then 100k listings and improved all code which made theme slow.
[Improved] Property detail popup gallery, synchronized it to show current clicked image.
[Improved] Email management code, also now email accept line break in content
[Improved] Integrated mortgage calculator with currency switcher
[Improved] Searches price range slider and integrated it with currency switcher.
[Improved] Menu behavior for mobile screens, now menu close when user taps on rest of the screen.
[Improved] Houzez CRM plugin
[Improved] Add New deal code in CRM
[Improved] Number of styles and scripts files included on page load to optimize performance.
[Improved] Search builder tabs, now search show price according to for rent, for sale status.
[Improved] Email Matching Submission email template
[Improved] Social logic profile photo code.
[Fixed] Currency switcher decimal points
[Fixed] Emails formatting issue
[Fixed] Multi-select, checkboxes fields not show all data on property detail page.
[Fixed] Logged in user not loading after logging in on some servers because of cache.
[Fixed] Listing tabs not redirect on blog page when use on homepage
[Fixed] Expired properties started show on taxonomy pages in v2.1.2
[Fixed] Sub-properties for add new property from front-end
[Fixed] Agents categories and cities not delete-able from admin panel
[Fixed] Custom PlaceHolder not show for auto complete search listings
[Fixed] Membership issue for not loggedIn users when Woocommerce payment activated
[Fixed] Mortgage calculator currency not show when multi-currency enabled
[Fixed] Other features in search not keep selected after search
[Fixed] Private note placeholder
[Fixed] Zip Code not show in email content for inquiry form
[Fixed] Team link in the Team widget
[Updated] Houzez theme functionality and houzez login register plugins. Update required after update theme.
Download Houzez v2.1.2 - Real Estate WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Houzez v2.1.2 Released on July 15, 2020 (Scheduled version 2.2.0 with new features coming end of next week)

[Improved] Taxonomy pages pagination code
[Improved] Login & register page spacing
[Improved] WooCommerce Styling
[Fixed] Open Street Map not showing by Coordinates on property detail page
[Fixed] Additional details placeholder not changeable from theme options
[Fixed] Forgot password on login & register template
[Fixed] Default sorting not working for template grid v3
[Fixed] Features color set as white while add the new property.
[fixed] Membership packages with image limits not overwrite the Theme Options image limit
[Fixed] Redirect issue after login
[Fixed] Do not show the Years in price package page.
[Fixed] iHomeFinder Plugin Images Load Then Go away
[Updated] Language PO file
Download Houzez v2.1.1 - Real Estate WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Houzez v2.1.1 Released on July 03, 2020

[Fixed] Contact form shortcode not work for agent and agency pages
[Fixed] Auto generated property id pattern not working
[Fixed] Featured Widget CSS
[Improved] Common CSS
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Download Houzez v2.1.0 - Real Estate WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Houzez v2.1.0 Released on July 02, 2020

Plugins update is required for this update
[New] WooCommerce payment gateways addon. Read Documentation
[New] Login & Register page template
[New] Checkbox, Radio, Multi-select field type for custom fields builder.
[New] Multi-select custom field for searches.
[New] Properties by agents for listing templates
[New] Properties by agents for properties elementor widgets
[New] Properties by minimum beds and minimum baths for listings templates
[New] Properties by minimum price and maximum price for properties elementor widgets
[New] Option to redirect uses to a specific page after submission for Inquiry from widget https://tppr.me/QA1kW
[New] Option to redirect user to a specific page after agent's contact form submission. https://tppr.me/bdVwp
[New] Option to redirect uses to a specific page after submission for contact from widget https://tppr.me/Uh7gi
[New] allowed link for GDPR text for contact form and inquiry form page widget
[New] Option to set custom placeholder for properties. Screenshot https://tppr.me/3QLrG
[New] Option for enable/disable property status and property label for listings grids and list views
[New] Membership not required for administrator user while adding listings from front-end dashboard
[New] Add option to show agent/agency on front-end or not. Screenshots https://tppr.me/mjKlZ and https://tppr.me/z8V90
[New] Connected country, state, city, area for CRM inquiries
[New] Multi Criteria for similar properties. Screenshot https://tppr.me/xsIIt
[New] Sort by option for similar properties
[New] Listing URL (%listing_url) for email templates
[New] Property Features field for Search builder
[Improved] Team elementor widget
[Improved] emails content formatting
[Fixed] Hide fields not working for print property
[Fixed] View Reviews link in agent/agency page do not open Review tab.
[Fixed] Country, state, city, area connection not work for Search Builder
[Fixed] Mobile menu not work when use iHomefinder
[Fixed] Child cities not show for searches
[Fixed] Exclude status not work for Search Builder module
[Fixed] Grammar mistakes
[Fixed] Team module social links
[Fixed] Agency properties pagination
[Fixed] Video tab/section always shows
[Fixed] Double semicolon on invoice detail page
[Fixed] Disable user roles when create listing without login
[Fixed] Agent module elements equal height
[Fixed] accept the line break and space for about me textarea on my profile page
[Updated] Bootstrap
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality plugin (update required)
[Updated] Houzez Login Register plugin (update required)
Download Houzez v2.0.9 - Real Estate WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Houzez v2.0.9 Released on June 09, 2020

[New] Listing address composer for grid, list and property detail page. Screanhot https://tppr.me/Ra0r8
[New] Option to have login/register as text or icon. Screenshot https://tppr.me/2Dmng
[New] Action hooks for houzez login for extensibility and customizability
[New] Action hooks for houzez register for extensibility and customizability
[New] Phone number option for submit without login
[New] Option to exclude property statuses from searches. Theme Options -> Searches -> Settings. Screenshot https://tppr.me/2VRX6
[New] Global option for hide mortgage calculator for specific status https://tppr.me/9Tenh
[New] Option to change property label permalink. Houzez -> Permalinks
[New] Sidebar position option for listing templates. Under Theme Options -> Listing Options
[New] Option to hide map address field
[New] Options to enable/disable agent phone, mobile, email, social etc
[New] Added address, city etc for Featured properties widget
[New] Added tax in invoice total price
[New] Enabled Elementor for half map template for adding content etc
[New] Data live search for for property type, status add new property fields and search fields
[New] Make the Terms & Conditions link open a new tab/window
[New] Added price for listing grids module
[Improved] Country, state, city, area filters js code
[Improved] Social icons order according to theme options
[Improved] Search taxonomies(status, type, city country etc) code
[Fixed] Phone number not saved when user register with role owner, seller, buyer etc.
[Fixed] 360º Virtual Tour tab/section shows when empty
[Fixed] Mobile half map radius search
[Fixed] Sale or Rent Price field Placeholder not working.
[Fixed] Search filters state-city-area
[Fixed] Negative percentage in agent/agency statistics
[Fixed] Made blog post search result page compatible with Elementor Pro
[Fixed] Remove the Details button from property cards on mobile
[Fixed] User type field not show in email content using Contact form width
[Fixed] Buyer role can access create listing page
[Fixed] Custom fields need to be hide if there is no data for grid/list v2
[Fixed] snazzymaps not show when there is no property found.
[Fixed] Dock search for mobiles
[Fixed] Login/register popup show behind property gallery
[Fixed] When disabled the Print Property option from Theme Options >> Property Detail section then it will hide on the desktop but after disable this the share option do not show on mobile.
[Fixed] Autocomplete search panel overflow issue on parallax banner
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality plugin
[Updated] Houzez Login Register Plugin
[Updated] Houzez CRM plugin
[Updated] Favethemes Insights plugin
[Updated] Revolution Slider Plugins
[Updated] WP Bakery Plugin
Download Houzez v2.0.8 - Real Estate WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Houzez v2.0.8 Released on May 13, 2020 - Thanks To @NullMaster

[New] Phone Number, First Name and Last Name fields for register form. Theme Options -> Login & Register Screenshot https://tppr.me/DH3m1 and Houzez login register update plugin required
[New] Default map Latitude & Longitude options. Theme Options -> Map Settings
[New] Min value for beds, baths etc for add new property
[New] Enable top gallery v4 for luxury homes payout
[New] Add content limit for agent Elementor widget
[New] Option to replace schedule a tour form with contact form 7, gravity form or any other contact form plugin
[New] Option to show/hide mortgage calculator on listing level. Screenshot https://tppr.me/szaC3
[New] Included property ID for property agent contact form email
[New] Option to show full phone/mobile number Theme Options -> General. Screenshot https://tppr.me/f4tOV
[New] Allow decimals for bedrooms, bathrooms for add new property and property views
[New] Option to disable logged in menu. Theme Options -> Login & Register
[New] Term & condition for schedule tour
[New] Option to disable map section for add new property. Theme Options -> Add New Property -> Show/Hide Form Fields
[New] Option to disable header search for agent and agency page. Theme Options -> Searches -> Header Search
[Improved] Half Map search js
[Improved] Single property sticky agent contact form when header search enabled and set to sticky
[Improved] Contact form houzez widget for elementor
[Improved] Inquiry Form houzez widget for elementor
[Improved] Overall code for send emails
[Improved] Get price function
[Improved] Price filters for search widget
[Improved] Add New Property custom fields styling for long titles
[Improved] Featured Properties widget
[Improved] RTL CSS
[Fixed] Virtual Tour embed code stopped working
[Fixed] Additional Details title translation not work for luxury homes layout
[Fixed] Schedule tour from email address
[Fixed] Long agent names was not displaying correctly on listing pages
[Fixed] Energy Class grade not showing for luxury homes layout
[Fixed] Schedule tour phone field placeholder
[Fixed] Front-end edit property agent selected
[Fixed] Add new property front-end status and type multi-select empty value not save
[Fixed] Disable view listing for agent and user type field not work in luxury homes layout
[Fixed] Match listings email
[Fixed] When doing search, and have just one result, the word "Result" with a S --> "Results" but I only have just one.
[Fixed] Dock search panel overlapping issue on mobile
[Fixed] Geo auto complete on mobile
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality plugin
[Updated] Houzez CRM plugin
[Updated] Houzez Login & Register plugin
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