HRSALE - The Ultimate HRM

HRSALE - The Ultimate HRM v2.0.1

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Download HRSALE v2.0.1 - The Ultimate HRM Nulled Free
v2.0.1 : July 15, 2020 Latest Version

-- Added: Advance Salary
-- Added: Advance Salary Report
-- Added: Non-Taxable, Fully Taxble, Partial Taxable, Fixed and Percentage amount for Statutory deductions,
Allowances, Commissions and Other Payments
-- Added: Roles for advance salary and Manage top menu
-- Added: Dashboard 2 (light and dark) and Dashboard 3 for new theme
-- Added: Manage top menu option on settings page
-- Added: Multi files upload option in files manager
-- Fixed: Setup salary page
-- Fixed: Monthly timesheet page
-- Fixed: HR Report can't export to CSV, Excell, PDF
-- Fixed: Sub departments for "Designation" at employee module
-- Fixed: Ticket comments image
-- Fixed: Deposit, transactions and expense page for employee view
-- Updated: All languages files
-- Updated: Roles module
Download HRSALE v2.0.0 - The Ultimate HRM Nulled Free
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Download HRSALE v1.1.10 - The Ultimate HRM Nulled Free
v1.1.10 : April 01, 2020

-- Fixed: Tickets for employees
-- Fixed: Quoted Projects link
-- Fixed: Add Expense for multi Payee options
-- Updated: Header notifications
-- Updated: Themes module for multi themes option
Download HRSALE v1.1.9 - The Ultimate HRM Nulled Free
v1.1.9 : March 27, 2020

-- Added: Dashboard for Staff, Timesheet, Projects and Finance
-- Added: Allow to add Multiple companies for a project
-- Added: Quoted Projects, Quotes Calendar and Timelogs for quotes
-- Added: Currency Type and Timezone for Company
-- Added: Project Number, Phase No. and task categories in Overtime Request
-- Added: Employee ID in daily attendance report
-- Added: Generate Payroll and Payslip based on company country currency
-- Added: Citizenship, Nationality and Blood group for employees
-- Added: Invoice Calendar
-- Updated: Linked shift with respective company in employees module
-- Updated: Linked with multi currencies for Estimates
-- Updated: HR Import Module
-- Updated: HR Reports
-- Updated: Roles module
-- Updated: All languages files
-- Fixed: Dashboard pie chart
-- Fixed: Employee details page for sql mode
-- Fixed: Download employee profile for sql mode
-- Fixed: Lead follow up count
-- Fixed: SMTP mail settings
-- Fixed: Monthly Attendance Timesheet filter
-- Fixed: Expense Total on dashboard
-- Fixed: Pending followup for Leads
Download HRSALE v1.1.8 - The Ultimate HRM Nulled Free
Version 1.1.8 : January 04, 2020

-- Added: Leads
-- Added: Tasks Calendar
-- Added: Leave reports
-- Added: Quote Manager
-- Added: Project Timelogs
-- Added: Projects Calendar
-- Added: Tasks Scrum Board
-- Added: Projects Scrum Board
-- Added: Attachment for leave
-- Added: Task Categories
-- Added: Show leave balance on leave page
-- Added: Show last taken leave on leave details page
-- Added: Show available leaves on leave details page
-- Added: Project number, Budget hours, Actual hours
-- Added: Project Variations on project details page
-- Added: Applicant details page for recruitment
-- Added: Cash Payment for an invoice
-- Updated: Project List Page
-- Updated: Project Report page
-- Updated: Project in HR Calendar
-- Updated: Updated tcpdf to latest version
-- Updated: Updated hrsale to latest version of PHP 7.4.1
-- Updated: Roles module
-- Updated: All languages files
-- Fixed: Employee download profile
-- Fixed: Training on employee panel
Download HRSALE v1.1.6 - The Ultimate HRM Nulled Free
Version 1.1.6 : September 30, 2019

-- Added: Email Configuration - SMTP, PHP Mail(), CodeIgniter Mail()
-- Added: Performance Appraisal and Indicator options on settings page
-- Added: Half day leave
-- Added: Security level option for employees
-- Added: Security Types
-- Fixed: Transaction page
-- Updated: Reset Password Page
-- Updated: Employee details page
-- Updated: Employee profile page
-- Updated: Roles module
-- Updated: latest version of CodeIgniter v3.1.11
-- Updated: All languages files