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Pretty Links Developer Edition WordPress Plugin v3.2.1

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Download Pretty Links Developer Edition WordPress Plugin Free Nulled Premium - Thanks To @TassieNZ
Make Money from Content You Already Have
Pretty Links helps you unlock more affiliate revenue from your existing content ... it’s like a surprise inheritance!

The Easiest Way to Monetize Your Content
Are you tired of managing affiliate offers manually?
Going through your entire site looking for places to add affiliate links is extremely tedious and time consuming! Not to mention that even if you're using a basic Affiliate Link Cloaker it's pretty much impossible to place optimal affiliate links in every page, post and widget of your website by hand.
In other words, if you're managing affiliate offers manually —you're just leaving money on the table.
Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to simply add your affiliate links to WordPress once and have it place them intelligently through all your content automatically?
This is exactly what Pretty Links can do for you.

Shareable Affiliate Links for Email, Podcasts, YouTube & More
It can be really hard to promote affiliate offers from a Podcast or video because affiliate links are usually giant, ugly and are not only extremely challenging to read on air but practically impossible for your audience to remember.
Have you ever tried to send an affiliate offer in an email? Most of the time this won't even work because affiliate links break in most email readers.
Luckily there's a better way. Pretty Links turns those ugly, long affiliate links into clean, memorable, speakable, totally shareable links. It turns your website powerful URL Shortener.
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