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Twitter Feed - WordPress Twitter Plugin v1.5.0

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Download Twitter Feed v1.5.0 - WordPress Twitter Plugin Nulled Free
July 02, 2020 – v1.5.0

### Added
* New support form

### Fixed
* Issue with video display in some browsers
* Issue with short tweets display
Download Twitter Feed v1.4.1 - WordPress Twitter Plugin Nulled Free
March 24, 2020 - v1.4.1

### Fixed
* Default settings issue
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Download Twitter Feed v1.4.0 - WordPress Twitter Plugin Nulled Free
March 23, 2020 – v1.4.0

### Added
* Content Type filters (Replies, Retweets, Tweets)
* Content filters (tweets with images, tweets with videos)
* Feed moderation (handpick your tweets to display the ones you need)
* Color themes: white, black and custom

### Fixed
* The popup slider dupicated in the popup when there were lots of images
Download Twitter Feed v1.3.0 - WordPress Twitter Plugin Nulled Free
August 30, 2019 – Version 1.3.0

### Added
* Hashtag source is now supported without #

### Changed
* Using WordPress rest API instead of wp-ajax

### Fixed
* Margin issue for posts with several images
* Issue with setting the limit of displayed tweets
* Retweets images isssue
* No text retweets issue
* Widget loading issue for feeds with invalid sources
* Preview images issue in Firefox and Safari
Download Twitter Feed v1.2.0 - WordPress Twitter Plugin Nulled Free
May 14, 2019 – Version 1.2.0

### Added
* Translation files for the plugin admin panel

### Changed
* jQuery dependency removed

### Fixed
* Internet Explorer issue
Download Free Twitter Feed v1.1.0 - WordPress Twitter Plugin Nulled
January 17, 2019 – Version 1.1.0

### Added
* Popup for images and videos
* Option to set multiple hashtags as a source

### Fixed
* WordPress 5.0 compatibility issues