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WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.26

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2020-04-14 - version 1.15.16

* Fix - Slots remaining not showing when displaying times in visitor's timezone.
* Fix - Skip missing cost rules when deleting a cost rule from the middle of the table.
* Fix - Do not send reminder if booking has passed.
* Fix - Ensure min and max duration is always 1 for products with fixed duration.
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Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.15 Nulled Free
2020-03-30 - v1.15.15

* Add - Exponential backoff for events poller errors.
* Fix - Multiply by person count is not working.
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2020-03-26 - v1.15.14

* Fix - Reminder email not sent on partially paid booking with deposits.
* Fix - When multiply by person is enabled, calculation is not correct.
* Tweak - Add a filter that allows altering google calendar poll interval.
* Tweak - Increase google calendar poll interval.
Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.13 Nulled Free
2020-03-11 - v1.15.13

* Fix - Fix issue with quotes translations on default email subjects.
* Tweak - Add a filter for the admin view order URL (Product Vendor compatibility).
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2020-02-27 - version 1.15.12

* Add - Add customer name to monthly and daily view on the calendar.
* Fix - JavaScript ".map is not a function" error on calendar load.
* Fix - Fatal error on backend Calendar on a booking whose bookable product was deleted.
* Fix - Fix integration with Deposits when the order is manually set to partially paid.
* Tweak - Enlarge clickable area in Month/Day Calendar booking blocks.
* Tweak - WC 4.0 compatibility.
* Fix - Add filter for resource duration display on booking form.
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Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.11 Nulled Free
2020-02-18 - version 1.15.11

  • Fix - Confirmation required product gives fatal error when non-bookable product is added to cart.
  • Fix - Combine admin notices on bookings removed due to inactivity.
  • Tweak - Remove legacy code.
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Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.10 Nulled Free
2020-02-12 - version 1.15.10

  • Tweak - Add translation functions to the calendar resource duration.
  • Fix - Raw addon price should display depending on tax display options.
Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.9 Nulled Free
2020-02-04 - version 1.15.9

  • Fix - Proper escaping of attributes.
  • Fix - Sanitize recurring calendar rules to prevent fatal error.
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Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.7 Nulled Free
2020-01-21 - v1.15.7

* Fix - Fix release date.

2020-01-20 - v1.15.6
  • Tweak - For monthly bookable products, made it more clear with a 4-digit year instead of 2-digit.
  • Add - New filter woocommerce_bookings_apply_multiple_rules_per_block to allow rule cost calculation logic to be modified.
  • Fix - Max bookable date was being ignored when getting ranges of availability blocks.
  • Fix - Product calendar styling sometimes incorrect on first page load.
  • Tweak - Change date range symbol on order confirmation.
  • Add - Filter for has_past on Availability data objects.
  • Fix - Restrict start/end days CSS issue (Saturday not available)
  • Fix - Display of start time from Google event on bookings admin calendar.
  • Tweak - WC 3.9 compatibility.
Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.5 Nulled Free
2019-11-05 - version 1.15.5

* Tweak - WC 3.8 compatibility.