WP Job Manager Applications Add-on

WP Job Manager Applications Add-on v2.5.0

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Download WP Job Manager Applications Add-on v2.5.0 Nulled Free
= v2.5.0 =

  • Enhancement: Adds the option to have a reCAPTCHA field on the application form.
  • Enhancement: Adds date field to the application form editor (Requires WP Job Manager 1.34.1).
  • Enhancement: Prevent duplicate application submissions on page refresh.
  • Enhancement: Include resume files on application email notifications.
  • Enhancement: Make searching meta in WP Admin Applications page more efficient.
  • Change: Do not allow candidates to apply with hidden resumes.
  • Change: Multiple fields can have the attachment rule to send files in notifications.
  • Change: Use WordPress date format on application listings table in WP Admin.
  • Change: Clarify Website URL Application Method settings effect on the Application Method field on job listings.
  • Dev: Applied jobs now have a job-applied class added to the wrapping element.
Download WP Job Manager Applications Add-on v2.4.3 Nulled Free
= v2.4.3 =

* Minor change for compatibility with WP Job Manager 1.34.0 by setting the menu order in WP admin.
Download WP Job Manager Applications Add-on v2.4.2 Nulled Free
= v2.4.2 =

* Compatibility fix with WP Job Manager 1.33.0 that shows values of application fields in WP admin's application editor.
Download Free WP Job Manager Applications Add-on v2.4.1 Premium Nulled

* Change - Move to Select2 for enhanced select fields and support with WP Job Manager 1.32.0 asset management.
* Fix - In form editor, clear rules when switching to output content field.
* Fix - Properly format CSV export of job listing applications.
* Dev - Adds `job_application_meta` filter.