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YITH Amazon S3 Storage v1.1.10

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While developing our most popular plugins, we are often inspired by the features of successful eCommerce platforms like Amazon. In most cases, before we sell our plugins, we install and use them on our platform in order to understand their full potential and to improve them and make them even more powerful and effective.

That's why YITH Amazon S3 Storage is not just a plugin, but the full answer to the goals we aimed for when we started sellig digital products: reducing the bandwidth consumption to make yout e-commerce more effective and protect your product your products once they are online.

Our experience proves that, no matter what kind of online business you are running, if you're focusing on selling digital products, you'll have to deal with the problem of hosting space that's never enough and with the need to protect your your products so that they will be accessible only to those who are fully entitled to it.
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