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Adding a “bestsellers” section to your shop allows you to make sales increase, since you can suggest uncertain customers something that many others have already opted for and that they will probably like.

It’s a function used by the leaders in the field as well such as Amazon and Aliexpress: displaying a section including the best selling products brings a number of advantages, including an increase in sales, a higher average transaction value (thanks also to Cross Selling and Up Selling) and an overall better public image of your store.

Whenever confused users enter a shop, they start browsing in search for something that catches their eye o simply in search for something that solves their contingent problem. What if you want to purchase a film to watch tonight: you probably know you fancy a comedy, but you don’t have a clue about the title to look for. Then, you start browsing through categories, but if you find a “bestsellers” button or something similar, you will almost certainly click on it. If products shown here have so many sales, many other users will like them and, so there is a high chance you will like them too..
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this plugin is very good . new version released . please update to 1.1.6. Thanks :))
thanks, for release or new version please ask in discussion page, anyway okay bepatient i will update it very soon