Cloudways or Vultr?

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Jan 4, 2019
Linode is better than Digital Ocean, Vultr, OVH
It can use CPU over 200% their capacity. They issue a notice and not supspend my server, can still use CPU overload
Cloudways is so cool, check my demo site 1GB ram, 1vCPU, Singapore location. Check my refer link to get 2 month free:
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Aug 14, 2018
Cloudways uses Vultr as one of its servers, there the price doubles, but then you ask why use Cloudways then? Their scalability system does the service for you when you need more resources, it automatically takes everything for you, if it had Vultr or Digital Ocean it would have to be on hand, so for you who have little knowledge as I said to Cloudways, the system would be ideal automation and interaction with the server and Wordpress is fantastic, and they have Vultr’s new server High Frequency that increases the CPU frequency by up to 3Ghz according to them per core, I confess that I’ve already tested and saw no difference, but I can’t speak because my application did not require anything, so maybe a heavy application I really think it makes a difference. But that would be it, in my opinion Cloudways and then in there with their system choose Vultr with High Frequency, and have no more problems.

If you want to help, hire through the link below and still earn US $ 15.00 which gives you more than a month of a basic Vultr Hight Frequency machine on Cloudways.

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Oct 19, 2020
Cloudways is basically a set of server management tools that sit on top of VULTR to optimize it and make it much easier (and faster) to manage your server if you're not that technical and/or don't have the time or skills to optimize and fine-tune the server yourself.

I've seen tests where cloudways gets much better performance out of the box. This video is with Linode, but I would assume the same applies to VULTR (managed vs unmanaged VPS).

Also search google for cloudways coupons, I got 30$ credit with a coupon code when I signed up like last week.

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