Selling Ecosystem for sale (9 Domains + Sites)

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Jul 2, 2020
Hello, I'm currently looking to sell my entire ecosystem of domains, it includes a movie streaming website, music download website, a file sharing website, a porn domain, a book domain and short links for most of the sites.

Sale will be done through and escrow service and I will not support you after purchase.

I'm looking to sell my sites as I've just bought a house and I'm needing furniture etc also as a 23 y/o I have a few debts I'd like to clean up too...


Domains: (hub) (music website) (short link) (movie website) (short link) (short link) (porn domain no site) (short link) (file hosting)

Services: with 6 months left on a premium subscription ($100 a year). with 6 months 30gb storage subscription ($60 a year).

Other shizz:

1x VPS with all sites running ($50 a month).
2x 2TB storage VPSs for file hosting storage ($20 a month).
Unlimited Google Drive account in which ALL servers are backed up on a weekly basis automatically using my own script.
All website files / databases / graphics
Twitter Account for I Need A Match
Twitter Account for I Need A Movie

A little bit about each of the sites and how they all work, this part will include statistics of each site, a value of each one and a description of each one.

I Need A:

I Need A is the hub of my sites, it uses this collective database for people to use one set of credentials to login to all the sites, this is also just a one page site in which serves as a description of the sites it's affiliated with. Without this site / database none of my other sites would work.

Value $1300: Evidence
Ownership: Evidence
Total Visitors a month: 4732 people:

I Need A Match:

I Need A Match is a music sharing website in which focuses mostly on the "Match" service apple provides when uploading music to iTunes, it uses the I Need A database for passwords and usernames etc, all material on this site is hosted by I Need A Download resulting in no dead links. ALL I Need A Match links get sent to Twitter via and also uses the short link of as opposed to the full domain. THIS IS ALL AUTOMATIC.

Domains Value: $1200: Evidence
Short Domain Value: $100: Evidence
Ownership: Evidence
Total Visitors a month: 6271 people:

I Need A Movie:

I Need A Movie is a movie streaming website which focuses on TV Shows and Movie streaming, it currently is built on an entirely custom version of IPS4.5.5 and uses a bunch of APIs etc to gather the information needed, as per this shares login credentials from I Need A and I Need A Movie ensuring everyone has a consistent name across all sites. Also as per I Need A Match all posts are automatically sent to twitter via and with it's own short link which is a Irish registered domain. THIS IS AUTOMATIC. All movies hosted are hosted via a customized Yetishare script allowing for streaming.

Domains Value: $150: Evidence
Short Domain Value: $100: Evidence
Ownership: Evidence
Total Visitors a month: 5735 people:

I Need A Download:

I Need A Download is a PPV download / streaming solution from a heavily modified Yetishare which allows users to make money while providing for the I Need A ecosystem, this is the only site which doesn't share the I Need A login credentials however this works on an invite only method in which I Need A Match and I Need A Movie automatically sends and invite key to access the website. Currently it's on low PPV ($15.00 per 10k) this is just because it's a one man project chances to scale are huge.

Domains Value: $450: Evidence
Ownership: Evidence
Total Visitors a month: 5063 people:

I Need A Porno:

Was registered in order to create a Adult site for I Need A however it was quickly abandoned as I started moving.

I Need A Manga:

Was registered in order to create a book site however again was cancelled due to moving.

Short Link Statistics:



Total Views a month: ~25000 people
Total Value: ~$3500

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