HELP!! Please help me find this SCAMMER!!!

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Nov 4, 2019
Someone has scammed me. Am so sad. A hosting company. But I can't find anything about them anywhere. Am feel so stupid. Please who can help me find who is behind this hosting company.

I buy hosting from you from
Few days later your server is always off.
You stop replying messages.
Then your server comes on today after almost 1 month of going off.
But my websites are still not accessible.
I purchased reseller hosting.
I can't login to whm anymore. I can't login to cpanel.
I have clients calling me.
I feel like I will cry.
So I message you on live chat that please give me access to my whm and cpanel so that I do backup.
Then you ask me to raise ticket.
Then I raise ticket.
But you stop.
You don't reply my ticket for 12 hours now but you send me a promo to buy whmcs license.
O my god what the actual fuck!
So I use a pseudo name to chat live chat.
There you reply me.
With the pseudo name I tell you that I want to purchase reseller hosting bcos someone in our closed fb group recommended you months ago.
Then you go all christmas and salesy on me.
You tell me that you are incredible and very reliable and that you support small and large corporations.
But my real account is still saying hello in live chat but you not reply me.

The guy use only 1 name everywhere: WILLIAMS BAH
And the hosting company is called: BINGSERVERS.COM

Like oh myy a thousand dirty cows fuck you daily BINGSERVERS.COM

You are still chatting me on the pseudo account
All you are focused on is pushing me to make $200 payment for 2 years master reseller hosting.

Okay let me just upload chat so that you understand



Aug 1, 2019
Has someone from this forum scammed you?
Please do your due diligence before buying from any company. Hosting is very cheap these days and to find a great reliable provider is very rare, as rare as finding a needle in a haystack.
Don’t go for cheap hosting accounts which promise you unlimited shit in a very low price. You are definitely getting scammed there. The servers are way oversold and have a lot of downtime every now and then.

instead go with a host which provides you with limited space and domains and cPanel accounts and you will immediately see a difference.

If you need a list of some good hosts, message me.


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Nov 4, 2019
Okay. No, no one has scammed me here. This is like the best forum on the planet. Thanks for advice.


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Aug 10, 2018
How can you claim/think a hosting website to be trusted and good which was actually made about 9 months ago ? :unsure::sneaky:

Don't always rush towards cheap shits . . .

Anyway: since it didn't happen on babiato (ordinary fraud cases happening outside to cheap it's user's/customers) I can't help you with it.


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Aug 28, 2019
My personal choices for trusted and reliable (good performance) web hostings are only Siteground, A2hosting, and inmotionhosting.

I had spent weeks in researching for the best web hosting available and ended up on 3 names only.

I was an ex Siteground user but what da hell their pricing after promo was so freaking high, I think they are the most expensive web hosting in the market.

Now, I am a really happy user of A2HOSTING. Their pricing is affordable and much more reasonable and their performance is so great that I installed around 10 websites without any major problems (yet). Their customer support are also always helpful.

My suggestion if you want to buy a hosting is you should do an extensive and thorough research on their reputations, performances, specifications, and their pricings (normal pricing - not promo).

Look into their normal pricing since that will be what you have to pay in the future if you want to renew their service.

Even though I really loved Siteground since their servers are very reliable and their support are amazing, but I could not afford their renewal pricing.
My mistake from Siteground was just only because of their very interesting promo price, but when I had to renew their service it was just a big NO NO since the renewal price was 3 times higher than the promo price.

That is my 2 cents..


Aug 1, 2019
What @rolandsanjaya90 said is quite right. I was a customer of Siteground too, but renewal is pricey. It just doesn't make sense sometimes.
I switched to Hivium, which is offered by @prasad0889 here, and I haven't been happier. Service is great, servers are great and you will love the speed and uptime. It takes a lot of time to find a good host, and I wish you @jvkingpin all the best for your search on your future host.
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Jan 18, 2019
there are 2 ways you can solve this:
Option 1 (not recommended, even tho he is a scammer, this is still illegal)
Use a new name to contact him, get him to open a malware(social engineering) to gain access to his computer, find his real identity and take his pic using his web cam, then contact him directly to get your money back.

Option 2(recommended)
he's not worth it, dont waste your time, learn from this experience and move on.


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Nov 18, 2019
1$ VPS Hosting and you still think they genuine at start? Seeing this should have alert you. So what happened to the customers website?

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