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Jul 2, 2020
@INeedA how to fix embed direct link .mp4??
I'm choosing to ignore you because you've messaged me twice while I was asleep and tagging me in posts while I'm at work, as opposed to waiting until I'm free

HOWEVER for if anyone else asks, unfortunately I dont know how to fix the none working hosts / links otherwise I'd of fixed it myself already and shared with everyone here also on top of that Apicodes have banned me from their site and support for sharing the script here.


New member
May 18, 2020
Hi everybody.

Does anyone have the same error as me. At first it worked fine. Currently the "Cannot play this video file" error.
(Error code: 102630) ”.

I have checked that the google drive id is correct.

After logging out of my google account and accessing the video file's shared url, I got the message "Cannot play this video at this time. Allowable plays exceeded. Please try again later" . Is the error from here?
I tried to use 1 id google drive of another account then everything worked perfectly.

Who has encountered similar cases, can you share your experiences?
Is it because the proxy configuration incorrectly leads to the exceed the number of views=> the link direct is not getting?

The attached figure shows the status of: LoadBalancer and ProxyStream

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New member
Aug 10, 2020
Hello good afternoon, a query because when I play it 5 to 7 times I get the videos error ":" fmt_stream_map 1 "
When seeing the direct link of drive in incognito I reached the limit, but when I saw it logged in I can see it.
Anyone have that problem and if they could fix it how?

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