Litespeed Wordpress Hosting - 6 Months For $5

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Mar 24, 2020
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Hello Fellow Members,

I am offering a super special promotion til 9/11 of this year, for members only. Litespeed Wordpress Hosting - 6 Months for $5 Total!

This is what's included:

2 WordPress Websites (Primary Domain and Sub-Domain)
100 Gigabits Data
Unlimited Bandwidth
FTP Access
Litespeed Server (Not apache)

Up to 5 Custom Domain Email Accounts

SSL Certificate

Wondering why you should choose us:

NVM Express Storage (Most other sites use SSD)

HTTP/3 Compatibility
Edge Side Includes
QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connection)
Dual Firewall
Reinforced DDOS Protection
99% Uptime Commitment
Quadruple Redundant Network
Redundant A/B Power Backed By UPS/Diesel Generator
Turbo Litespeed Servers

Reinforced DDoS Protection

I manage the backend , you will not have access to cPanel. You will have access to everything you need to run a WordPress website.

You agree to the following terms by purchasing and accepting your login details:

Acceptable Use Policy

You will not host any form of pornography.
Unsolicited commercial email, or SPAM, is prohibited.
Websites or links to websites advocating human violence and hate crimes prohibited.
Websites promoting illegal activities. or linking to other websites that promote illegal activities prohibited.

Should you violate the Acceptable Use Policy you will forfeit your payment and remaining time with us.

Refund Policy

Money Back Guarantee
Unconditional thirty (30) day satisfaction guarantee
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