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Jul 2, 2020

Hello, I'm looking for some feedback on my ecosystem of sites. I Need A is a collection of sites using a mixture of scripts and software's. I Need A covers I Need A, I Need A Match, I Need A Movie and I Need A Download. The way it works is it uses one global login to reserve your username across all sites which means you can be yourself everywhere as opposed to 1 account here and 1 account there. Everything below is owned and created by me, so any feedback just let me know and I can work on it. Please bare in mind I'm using the wrong framework for my intended purpose(s), so there's missing some basic features that similar sites may have.

Also the I Need A home page is just a landing page it's not mobile friendly yet either so no need to review it.

So firstly we have I Need A Match which is a music sharing community, currently with the main focus of Metal music, however there's always room to grow right ? The site is currently advertisement free however it will be getting advertisements soon (None Spammy).

It's using IPS4.4.10 community software with a modified skin with custom data inputs and fields. There's sections to post music for those interested as well as free unlimited downloads (No speed caps or download restrictions) currently it's only a small project but it will soon grow when we diversify the music enough. It features social media automation to Twitter which automatically shares any posted content to social media with an inhouse link shortener. which has an intermission advertisement.

Secondly we have I Need A Movie which is a Movie and TV Show streaming site. It currently is a really new project and again is advertisement free (Besides Video Player advertisements).

Again it's using IPS4.4.10 which for this purpose is heavily modified to make it work, it also uses API's to grab Movie and TV Show information to help display it front end. It currently has Movie, TV Show and Kids TV sections as well as Live TV which is currently in beta. Once again it features social media automation to display an intermission advertisement using another in house link shortener. There's currently around 900 Movies and TV Shows available.

Finally we have I Need A Download which is the monetization of all these platforms. I Need A Download is a video and file host which allows users to upload their own content whether it be music or movies for either of the aforementioned sites, when uploading content you're also rewarded by getting paid for each download or stream you get. This is how we monetize all of the above sites such as streaming has 2 pop ups per session as well as a preroll. Whereas downloads get 2 pop ups per session as well as a banner advertisement.

This is also a benefit for the ecosystem as it allows us to not delete files used therefore never resulting in dead links or dead video streams which is a common problem across download sites and streaming sites alike.

Thanks for reading please leave some feedback below on what you think.

P.S. We're just undergoing some migration of videos from using an external host so some movies may contain broken links until we eventually fix them all.
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