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Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing Addon v3.6.12

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Download Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing Addon v3.6.12 Nulled Free
Version 3.6.12, November 2, 2020

  • New: Samples updated to support auto updates.
  • Improvement: Increase width of input fields on Edit Download page.
  • Fix: Conflicts with ManageWP Orion.
  • Fix: Bundled products containing variable priced products without specifying a price option may incorrectly show a price option in license key lists.
  • Fix: License key price ID not updated when upgrading from an individual product to a bundle containing that same product.
  • Fix: "Uncaught TypeError" JavaScript error when running upgrade for update license activation records.
  • Fix: JSON response broken by Redis Object Cache plugin.
  • Fix: Proration calculation when upgrading from a limited license to a lifetime license.
  • Fix: Timeout when using Test Email button on purchase receipts.
  • Fix: Minimum WordPress and PHP versions not showing when viewing update version details.
Download Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing Addon v3.6.11 Nulled Free
v3.6.11, May 18, 2020 - Thanks To @TassieNZ

  • Fix: Disabled licenses were able to be upgraded.
  • Fix: The EDD_SL_License_Meta:get_license_id was not respecting the single argument.
  • Fix: The EDD_SL_License_DB class was not respecting the date range when an end date was only passed.
  • Fix: Changelogs were being inproperly truncated on some customer sites when the more tag was not supplied.
  • Fix: When renewals were not enabled, the option to send a renewal notice was still visible.
  • Sample Plugin (EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater version 1.7.1):
    • Fix: Removed a duplication of the icon data.
    • Fix: Prevent the possibility of duplicate entries of cached update information.
    • Fix: Improve the no_update data set.
Download Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing Addon v3.6.10 Nulled Free
Version 3.6.10, April 8, 2020

  • Fix: When Apache forced trailing slashes, update packages could fail to be downloaded.
  • Fix: When upgrading a bundle, the child licenses may not have gotten their price IDs updated.
  • Fix: It was not possible to renew multiple licenses for the same product, at the same time.
  • Fix: When using bundle licenses with children, the license list table had some performance issues.
  • Fix: Child licenses could have a different activation limit than their parent.
  • Fix: License counts on the list table for license statuses could be incorrect when child licenses were used.
  • Fix: Some of the Readme information was not being parsed correctly after the latest parser update.
  • Fix: Searching for a child licenses could give incorrect results, or no results.
  • Fix: Updates could intermittently cause the 'Too Many Redirects' error.
  • Fix: Searching for partial license keys and email addresses could cause PHP notices and/or warnings.
  • Fix: When jQuery was being loaded in the footer, some JavaScript errors could occur when managing licenses on the front end.
  • Fix: Searching for a non-existent license key, returned all license keys in the list table.
  • Fix: Improved the reliability of the checks to make sure an update can be downloaded.
  • Fix: When using custom keys, it was possible to use a key length that exceeded the database column's allowed length.
  • Sample Theme:
    • Fix: The sample theme was missing the theme_slug parameter from the API calls.
    • New: The sample theme now supports the item_id parameter.
  • Sample Plugin:
    • Fix: The "View Details" link on the plugin list was not always present.
    • Fix: Sample plugin did not define the EDD_SAMPLE_ITEM_NAME string.
  • New: Changelogs now support the "Read More" tag, to allow reducing changelog information stored in the get_version API calls.
  • Dev: The license list table columns are now filterable and sortable.
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Download Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing Addon v3.6.9 Nulled Free
Version 3.6.9, March 12, 2020

  • Fix: Some information that can be included in the readme.txt files were not being parsed.
  • Fix: The "Tested Up To" value was not being read properly in the get_version calls.
  • Fix: The contributors section of the readme.txt files was not being parsed correctly.
  • Fix: Corrected an issue that caused an `is_countable` notice being thrown on PHP 7.2+.
Download Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing Addon v3.6.8 Nulled Free
Version 3.6.8, March 19, 2019

  • Fix: Licenses were missing from REST API sales data response when sequential order numbers was enabled.
  • Fix: License list table was getting 20 per page, but building pagination for 30.
  • Fix: Corrected an issue with the template for managing licenses causing the 'Back' link to be incorrect.
  • Fix: A PHP warning was being logged when logging a license renewal email being sent.
  • Fix: Custom activation count meta could get removed if deleting a license that has activations.
  • Fix: With URL Checking Disabled, the attempt to get a URL is still run, it should not have been.
  • Fix: De/activating with no URL parameter was returning success when it should have failed with URL checking required.
  • Fix: We now support 'staging-` in the local URL detection to support Kinsta staging environments.
  • Dev: The EDD_SL_DB::insert method wasn't using the type passed into the method.
Download Free Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing Addon v3.6.7 Nulled
v3.6.7, Feburary 22, 2019

Fix: Prevent the license query from accepting a user ID or customer ID of 0.
Download Free Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing Addon v3.6.6 Premium Nulled
v3.6.6, February 11, 2019

  • Fix: Database class generated invalid MySQL statement when using arrays for parameters in some cases.
  • Fix: Changelog widget was not using readme data.
  • Fix: Corrected an issue when parsing readme.txt files
  • Fix: URLs containing query strings could not be activated/deactivated from admin or frontend.
  • Fix: Bulk actions for licenses were not working.
  • Fix: Improved the accuracy of the get_license_keys_of_user() method.
  • Fix: Price option settings are no longer displayed when licensing is disabled.
  • Fix: Corrected a compatibility issue with updates and the Git Updater extension.
  • Fix: The cron that sends renwal reminders now verifies that the Send Renewal Reminders option is checked.
  • Fix: Child licenses now have the correct expiration date when the bundle license is renewed.
  • Fix: Disabled licenses are not able to be automatically set to expired.
  • Fix: Improved issues around user IDs and license keys.
  • Fix: Corrected an issue that caused a 'key_mismatch' error in the API when keys had leading or trailing whitespace.
  • Fix: Using contributors in the readme.txt caused a fatal error.
  • Fix: The sales API previously caused a PHP error when no licenses were present for an order.
  • Fix: Status changes did not always call the appropriate do_action hooks.
  • Fix: The is_local_url variable was possibly undefined when calling the get_version API endpoint.
  • Sample Plugin/Theme Chagnes
    • Updated the theme sample to not use wp_die when errors are encountered.
    • Fixed an undefined property in the EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater class.
    • The EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater class now uses the verify_ssl method when making remote calls.
    • Bumped the EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater version to 1.6.18
    • Included samples in the delivered/downloaded extension, as well as available within your account.