Firefight + (full version) Free For Android

Firefight + (full version) Free For Android 1.0.4

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Firefight is a real-time simulation game of the Second World War with more artificial intelligence and attention to detail than any other game in its genre today. The tanks are modeled with a physical engine and have gears, rev counters and speedometers, and control the brake levers to give them a realistic-looking movement of the tracked vehicle. Each bullet, projectile or piece of shard is modeled in 3D and bounces real from inclined surfaces. You can see each infantry’s rank, name, weapon,remaining ammunition, heart rate and fatigue level. Machine gunners will call for ammunition when they finish, and other squad members rush with spare ammunition if they carry them. The wounded require a call for medics who hurry to provide first aid. You can call the offset artillery, but she will have to make several shots before a fully charged battery of 8 guns starts firing at the same time.

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