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PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon v2.12.3

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== v2.12.3 == Release date: October 21, 2020

* Fix: Filterable Gallery - Medium and responsive settings were not working properly
* Fix: Advanced Menu - Hamburger alignment was not working for medium breakpoint
* Fix: Animated Headline - Some typography options were not working for animating text
* Fix: Content Grid - Layout issue when using the module in expandable row
* Fix: Login Form - Invalid data issue
* Fix: Breadcrumbs - Added missing alpha channel for background color fields
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== v2.12.2 == Release date: Ocotober 19, 2020

* Fix: Reviews - Custom reviews were stopped getting displayed
* Fix: Instagram Feed - CORS issue on some servers
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== v2.12.1 == Release date: October 15, 2020

* Fix: Table of Contents - JS error after 2.12.0 update

== v2.12.0 == Release date: October 14, 2020
* Enhancement: Content Grid - Added an option to display child terms as filters for taxonomy archive
* Enhancement: Content Grid - Added options to add hover text color for title, content, and meta
* Enhancement: Table of Contents - Added an option to choose whether to generate anchor ID from heading text or auto
* Enhancement: Google Map - Added an option for custom marker image size
* Enhancement: Smart Heading - Added new percent unit for separator width
* Enhancement: Advanced Menu - Added border hover color option
* Enhancement: Off-Canvas Content - Added logic to trigger off-canvas panel via URL
* Enhancement: Login Form - Added an option to change Register link text
* Enhancement: Content Ticker - Added logic to display event date instead of post date for The Events Calendar
* Enhancement: Card Slider - Added logic to display event date instead of post date for The Events Calendar
* Enhancement: Core - Added individual license activation settings for subsites in multisite network
* Enhancement: Core - Added indicator with tooltip to show dependent modules under modules manager admin settings
* Fix: Announcement Bar - Close icon was not appearing sometimes
* Fix: Off-Canvas Content - Toggle button accessibility issues
* Fix: Off-Canvas Content - Link with hash value in href leads the panel to close
* Fix: Card Slider - Double quotes issue in URL
* Fix: Author Box - Broken image alt tag due to HTML used in author name
* Fix: Content Grid - Beaver Themer ACF fields shortcodes were not working in custom content
* Fix: Sliding Menu - Submenu overlap issue with transparent background
* Fix: Modal Box - Issue with multiple iframes used in saved template
* Fix: Caldera Forms Styler - CSS was not getting applied to pagination button
* Fix: Logos Grid - Empty spacing field is leading to PHP error
* Fix: Content Grid - Product price and cart button were not showing on shop archive when using main query
* Fix: Video Gallery - Missing video thumbnail URL in structured data
* Fix: Advanced Menu - Added missing field connections for 2 color fields
* Fix: Advanced Menu - Browser outline issue
* Fix: Advanced Accordion - Browser window was not getting scrolled to accordion item triggered via URL hash
* Fix: Album - Custom registered image sizes were not showing
* Fix: Login Form - Issue with reCAPTCHA v3
* Fix: Category Grid - RTL issue
* Fix: Advanced Menu - RTL issue
* Fix: Fancy Heading - Minor PHP warning
* Fix: Advanced Accordion - Minor PHP warning
* Fix: FAQ - Minor PHP warning
* Fix: Reviews - PHP error
* Fix: Core - Enabled Modules were not getting saved properly when used or not used modules filter is active
* Development: Subscribe Form - Added filter pp_subscribe_form_strings_i18n to modify validation and error messages
* Development: Login Form - Added filter pp_login_form_password_reset_email_subject
* Development: Login Form - Added filter pp_login_form_password_reset_email_content
* Development: Login Form - Added filter pp_login_form_js_messages_i18n
* Development: Login Form - Added filter pp_login_form_redirect_url
* Development: Content Grid - Added filter pp_post_grid_ajax_response
* Development: Photo Gallery - Added filter pp_gallery_output_image_srcset (default: false)
* Development: Core - Added filter pp_modules_override_theme_dir
Download PowerPack Beaver Builder v2.11.0 Addon Nulled Free
== v2.11.0 == Release date: August 26, 2020

* New: Added Card Slider module
* Enhancement: Reviews - Added an option to show or hide user profile image
* Fix: Reviews - When linking to Google + Yelp reviews, if a user does not have an avatar it displays as a broken image
* Fix: Reviews - The "Icon Size" setting was not getting applied to Google reviews as it does for Yelp reviews
Download PowerPack Beaver Builder v2.10.3 Addon Nulled Free
== v2.10.3 == Release date: August 21, 2020

* Fix: Advanced Menu - Sub-menu was not getting shown in some cases on touch devices
* Fix: Advanced Menu - Added missing alpha slider for Container Background Color field
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Download PowerPack Beaver Builder v2.10.2 Addon Nulled Free
== v2.10.2 == Release date: August 19, 2020

* Fix: Content Grid - Scroll pagination was returning duplicate posts
* Fix: Content Grid - Read More button styling options were not showing for product add-to-cart button
* Fix: Advanced Menu - When desktop menu is used on touch devices, parent menu item was getting clicked and not allowing access to sub-menu
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Download PowerPack Beaver Builder v2.10.1 Addon Nulled Free
== v2.10.1 ==

Release date: August 13, 2020
* Fix: Content Grid - "All" filter was not working in WP 5.5
* Fix: Row animated background was not working when using multiple instances of the same saved row on a page

== v2.10.0 ==
Release date: August 12, 2020
* New: Content Ticker module
* Enhancement: Advanced Accordion - Added logic to trigger nested accordion via URL
* Enhancement: Video Gallery - Added unique CSS classes based on the tags to filter items
* Enhancement: Video Gallery - Added logic to trigger the filter by providing #hash in URL
* Enhancement: Contact Form - Added option to mark fields as required or optional
* Enhancement: Author Box - Added option to display info from other users
* Enhancement: Table - Added logic to display data from ACF Repeater field
* Fix: Content Grid - Duplicate carousel navigation buttons were rendering
* Fix: Content Grid - Tribe Events - Expired event posts were showing on AJAX filter irrespective of module settings
* Fix: Content Grid - Price CSS was getting overridden by theme
* Fix: Content Grid - Load More pagination was not working properly after the last update
* Fix: Content Grid - AJAX issue in WP 5.5
* Fix: Gravity Forms - Links in confirmation message were not clickable
* Fix: Image Carousel - Not working properly when used inside expandable row
* Fix: Info Box - Added missing field connection for button text
* Fix: Info Box - Button icon was not removable
* Fix: Star Rating - PHP error
* Fix: Video - JS error when lightbox does not contain iframe
* Fix: Video Gallery - iframe was showing current page instead of video sometimes
* Fix: Countdown - Expiry message was not getting displayed once evergreen timer ends
* Fix: Off-Canvas Content - Responsive padding and width were not getting reflected on frontend
* Core - Removed field "Google Places API Key" from plugin settings. Use "Google Map API key" for both places and map.
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Download PowerPack Beaver Builder v2.9.2 Addon Nulled Free
== v2.9.2 == Release date: July 17, 2020

* Fix: Gravity Forms - PHP error missing GFFormDisplay class in some cases
* Fix: Content Grid - HTML structure broken when no posts are available
* Fix: Category Grid - Issue in IE 11
Download PowerPack Beaver Builder v2.9.1 Addon Nulled Free
== v2.9.1 == Release date: July 16, 2020 Thanks To @NullMaster

* Fix: Table of Contents - Anchors were not working when disabling hierarchical view
* Fix: Post Timeline - PHP warnings in CSS
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Download PowerPack Beaver Builder v2.9.0 Addon Nulled Free
== v2.9.0 == Release date: July 15, 2020

* New: Table of Contents module
* Enhancement: File Download - Added field connections
* Enhancement: File Download - Added an option for custom file name
* Enhancement: Content Grid - Added option to change number of slides to move at a time for carousel
* Enhancement: Content Grid - Added option to change the filters position top, left, or right
* Enhancement: Category Grid - Added option to show only assigned categories' children or parents on single post
* Enhancement: Advanced Tabs - Added option to position vertical tabs left or right
* Enhancement: Advanced Tabs - Added option to set tab description
* Enhancement: Advanced Tabs - Added accessibility support
* Enhancement: Restaurant Menu - Added option to set currency symbol position
* Enhancement: Photo Gallery - Added option to enable or disable link nofollow
* Enhancement: Filterable Gallery - Added option to enable or disable link nofollow
* Enhancement: Logos Grid & Carousel - Added option to enable or disable link nofollow
* Enhancement: Google Map - Added option to control maximum zoom
* Enhancement: Image Carousel - Added option to render image via background image or with img tag
* Enhancement: Image Carousel - Added options to change bullets vertical and horizontal spacing
* Enhancement: Image Panels - Added option to stack panels on responsive devices
* Enhancement: Login Form - Added option to position social login button above or below the form
* Enhancement: Off-Canvas - Added logic to close the off-canvas panel when clicking on on-page links
* Enhancement: Header/Footer - Added logic to support additional themes via add_theme_support function
* Enhancement: Row settings - Added new PowerPack row separators - Curve Layers, Mountains
* Fix: Modal Box - PHP warning due to undefined array offset in CSS
* Fix: Modal Box - Added missing alt tag for image button
* Fix: Off-Canvas Content - Using Animated Headlines on the same page causes Off-Canvas panel slightly flicker
* Fix: Content Grid - Issue with nav buttons getting cut-off in carousel
* Fix: Google Map - Issue with ACF Repeater field
* Fix: Image Carousel - Pagination was not working properly due to JS conflict with PP Instagram Feed module on the same page
* Fix: Instagram Feed - Special characters in alt text breaks the content
* Fix: Photo Gallery - Pagination was not working properly in some cases
* Development: Google Map - Added hook pp_google_map_data to filter the data
* Development: Google Map - Added hook pp_google_map_cluster_images_url to change marker cluster images URL
* Development: Off-Canvas Content - Introduced a CSS class to close the panel by clicking on any element having this class
* Development: Login Form - Added hook pp_login_form_social_login_registration to allow new user registration via social login
* Development: FAQ - Added hook pp_faq_schema_force_render to print schema data when module is rendered through shortcode or as a saved template