WooCommerce PDF Invoices

WooCommerce PDF Invoices v4.9.2

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Download WooCommerce PDF Invoices v4.9.2 Nulled Free
*** WooCommerce PDF Invoice Changelog ***
2020.11.11 - v4.9.2

* New filter for invoice date apply_filters( 'woocommerce_pdf_nvoices_set_invoice_date', $return, $order_id );
Download WooCommerce PDF Invoices v4.9.0 Nulled Free
2020.10.28 - v4.9.0

* Add mPDF and option to choose between DomPDF and mPDF
* Combine font folders for DomPDF and mPDF
Download WooCommerce PDF Invoices v4.8.1 Nulled Free
2020.10.23 - v4.8.1

* Fix Logo not showing
* Remove deprecate WC function
Download WooCommerce PDF Invoices v4.7.4 Nulled Free
2020.08.27 - version 4.7.4

* Version bump

2020.08.27 - version 4.7.3
* Make sure shop_manager can save PDF Invoice options.
* test for deprecated function $order->get_product_from_item( $item )
Download WooCommerce PDF Invoices v4.7.2 Nulled Free
2020.08.11 - v4.7.2

* Fix compatibility with order export plugin.
* Add invoice details to XML order export plugin.
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Download WooCommerce PDF Invoices v4.7.1 Nulled Free
2020.07.30 - v4.7.1

* Filter to show coupon codes in order totals pdf_invoice_display_coupons
* Additional logging
* Fix Vat Number filter
* Fix Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'WC_pdf_functions'
Download WooCommerce PDF Invoices v4.7.0 Nulled Free
2020.07.04 - v4.7.0

* Remove shipping address for virtual orders
* Move bulk action "Create and Email Invoices" to scheduler to avoid issues when trying to invoice multiple orders.
* Add option to create and email invoices for past orders - uses scheduler.
* Add invoice number meta to order search.
* use wp_upload_dir instead of ABSPATH for logo.
* Fix settings check for download link on Thank you page.
* Additional messages for PDF Invoice actions in edit order.
Download WooCommerce PDF Invoices v4.6.7 Nulled Free
2020.05.29 - v4.6.7

* Fix 'WC_pdf_admin_functions' does not have a method 'restrict_manage_post_types'
Download WooCommerce PDF Invoices v4.6.6 Nulled Free
020.05.25 - version 4.6.6

* Add option to "Attach a PDF Invoice to the email or include a download link?" to not send PDFs
* Filters to set user role
* - pdf_invoice_allowed_user_role_pdf_invoice_delete_invoices
* - pdf_invoice_allowed_user_role_pdf_invoice_past_orders
* - pdf_invoice_allowed_user_role_pdf_invoice_woocommerce_order_actions

2020.04.20 - version 4.6.5
* PHP Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool
* Test for GD (prevent fatal errors)
* Set default options to prevent Undefined index in settings
Download WooCommerce PDF Invoices v4.6.4 Nulled Free
2020.03.30 - version 4.6.4

* Fixes for PHP 7.4
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