WooCommerce RedSys Gateway

WooCommerce RedSys Gateway v9.4.0

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Download WooCommerce RedSys Gateway v9.4.0 Nulled Free
2020.08.06 - v9.4.0

* NEW: Now you can select what to show in Redsys Description
* NEW: Added a very big Notice Warning when other Redsys plugin is in use.
* Declared compatibility with WooCommerce 4.4
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Download WooCommerce RedSys Gateway v9.3.0 Nulled Free
2020.07.24 - v9.3.0

* Added new languages
* Added more priority to WCRed() function
Download WooCommerce RedSys Gateway v9.2.2 Nulled Free
2020.07.13 - v9.2.2

* Fixed Charge Orders Bulk Action.
Download WooCommerce RedSys Gateway v9.2.1 Nulled Free
2020.07.12 - v9.2.1

* Fixed all Bulk Actions.
* Removed many notices, included in Redsys API files.
* Fixed a Ghost column when Invoices is active.
* Updated po/mo files
Download WooCommerce RedSys Gateway v9.2.0 Nulled Free
2020.07.09 - v9.2.0

* NEW: Now there is a Gateway for Direct Debit so you can use plugns for Gateway Logic for use it.
* NEW: Now you can customize the button text at the checkout by Gateway
* NEW: Now you can customize the button colors at the checkout by Gateway
* NEW: Added Redsys authorization number to Thank you page. Activate from Redsys (by José Conti)
* Removed dimisible Scripts
* Fixed: Missing default inSite Logo at the checkout
* Fixed: Fatal error at Redsys Endpoint when Subscriptions don't save token is active.
* Fixed: Fixed an error with MasterPass End Point.
* Fixed: authorize preauthorizartions error if Redsys (by José Conti) is empty.
* Fixed: Many annotations in preauthorizations order.
* Fixed: Compatibility with Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce
* Declared compatibility with WooCommerce 4.3
* Updated po/mo files
Download WooCommerce RedSys Gateway v9.2.0 Nulled Free
= v7.2.0 =

New: Manual filters source by tag or attribute
New: Question label setting
New: "Store session in the DB" global setting
New: Support multi-choice questions in dependencies
Fix: Dependencies work bug
Fix: Bonded questions work bug
Download WooCommerce RedSys Gateway v9.1.1 Nulled Free
2020.06.10 - v9.1.1

* Fixed: Forgot to add InSite file.
Download WooCommerce RedSys Gateway v9.1.0 Nulled Free
2020.06.09 - v9.1.0

* NEW: Added InSite
Download WooCommerce RedSys Gateway v9.0.2 Nulled Free
2020.06.02 - v9.0.2

* Improved Tokens Check
Download WooCommerce RedSys Gateway v9.0 Nulled Free
2020.05.25 - v9.0.0

* NEW: Added Redsys Bank Transfer
* NEW: Added Checkout Notice for know when a Gateway is in Test Mode
* Updated where to find Gateways Logs