YITH WooCommerce Customer History

YITH WooCommerce Customer History v1.2.0

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Numbers are very important in business!

Which is why behind every major store you will find professionals examining all sorts of data.
Their objective is to find working solutions aimed at optimizing the overall income.

Almost 100% of e-commerce stores use analytics in order to understand customers’ behaviour, but none of these tools goes the extra mile, none of these tools analyzes the data from John Doe, your best customer.

And you need to know what John Doe does, not just any customers who just stumbled into your website.
Would you like to know what Mr. John Doe does while browsing your store pages?
You would be surprised to know that he looks at a very specific product several times without purchasing it.
Sure, it would be easy to contact him offering him a targeted discount. A custom offer on a specific product would almost immediately turn into a new purchase.
So here is your occasion, we just developed YITH WooCommerce Customer History, the plugin that will allows you to see which are the pages each one of your customer actually visits while browsing your store.
This plugin also allows you to monitor their average purchase value and the latest purchases they made through a handy customer chart.
Deal with the market safely and surely and increase the average value of each customer in a simple and painstaking way.
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