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Neto Menezes

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Jan 18, 2020
Someone has it

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Financial control Professional Expenses Weboox - 1
Financial control Professional Expenses Weboox - 2

Register your recurring expenses, the system informs the status and organization by expiration date. You register the supplier and mark cost centers to control where your money comes from.

Have analytical reports with projection of accounts payable by period and can export to PDF, XLS and much more.

You now have the financial projection with your recurring expenses.

DEMO: > Login: [email protected]

Password: abc123

For Entrepreneurs who want to organize their Accounts Payable, with this module you get organized and have what was missing in CRM Perfex to become complete, the accounts payable module.

You register your recurring expenses, leave, attach vouchers, have analytical reports and much more.

In Brazil, companies have two fronts in their finances, accounts receivable (collection invoices) and accounts payable (expenses).

Now you can use 100% perfex to manage your company.

NOTE: We will be releasing several module updates. Many new features, including issuing invoices, invoices and signing documents with A1 certificate.

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