Adsense Masters Course For Earn Money

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Sep 4, 2019
If you are looking to make money online with google Adsense then having someone to give you adsense training is a good place to start.
There are a lot of adsense courses on the market and information available through google itself on making money with the adsense program.
One course that I really like is the Adsense Master Course by John Robinson (also known as xfactor). I’ve written about John previously when he released his microniche adsense course years ago.
saeed has moved from the microniche model and teaches people now via his ebooks, forum and coaching groups how to build a solid auhtoirty site using adsense as the monetization method.

  • Introduction to Google Adsense
  • Setting up a Google Adsense Aaccount
  • Google Adsense Interface
  • Google Adsense Insights
  • Google Adsense Efficiency
  • Adsense Policy Webinar – Being Policy Compliant
  • Custom Channels
  • Adsense for Search – Search box placement
  • Enable Text and Image Ads
  • Creating an ad unit
  • Utilize Link Units
  • Simplify your ad management and gain performance insights
  • Opt-in to Placement Targeting
  • Determining eligible ads for your content pages
  • Google Adsense – Allow and Block Ads Google Adsense – Additional Publisher Resources Webmaster Tools
  • Ad Review Center
  • Performance Report Tabs
  • Advanced reporting
  • Understanding your CPM (effective cost per thousand impressions)
  • Make Money on Blogger using Google Adsense
  • What Has Adsense Done for You?
  • Building a Content-Rich Website
  • Designing a Content Advert
  • Adsense for Search
  • Adsense Options
  • Tracking Adsense performance

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